Top 10 Agency Projects in Los Angeles

Los Angeles has been called the Creative Capital of the World, boasting some of the top designers, creatives and marketing minds in every industry. Many top brands and companies want to work with LA agencies because the creative landscape is so unique and different than any other city in America. Let’s take a look at the top agency projects in advertising, marketing and design in LA!

Top 10

THREAD – UCSF (Healthcare Marketing, Mobile)


THREAD and the doctors at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) partnered together to create the first-ever longitudinal healthcare study of LGBTQ people, called The PRIDE Study. To allow researchers and study participants to easily communicate health issues LGBTQ patients faced, THREAD created The PRIDE Study mobile app.

The primary objectives of the mobile app was to streamline the enrollment process of participants into the study, allowed researchers to easily gather demographic data on patients, and finally be a hub for participants to build a community where they could ask questions, post comments, and vote on relevant topics helping researchers gather more data.

As of August 2015, the app has over 29,000 downloads, over 14,000 enrolled participants, and over 7,000 posts or comments.
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Innerspin – Walgreens (Branding)


Walgreens wanted to launch the Balance Rewards loyalty program so that their 100 million customers could save, earn and redeem points on items and be rewarded for shopping with Walgreens.

Innerspin, a full-service digital agency, was selected to develop the branding campaign that would bring the whole program to life. The LA agency had a hand in everything from creating a name for the rewards program all the way to photography, design and more!
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Sagon-Phior – WaveJet (Marketing Strategy)


WaveJet and Sagon-Phior teamed up to launch the world’s first surf board propulsion system.

Sagon-Phior’s integrated marketing campaign helped the technology company increase website visits by 1200%, page views by 1900%, received national and international coverage in over 250 top media outlets, saw pre-order sales rise 600% per day, and monthly sales exceeded projections by triple digits.
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WeezLabs – Bindle (Mobile)


WeezLabs and Bindle teamed up to create a social travel and photo log app. Travelers are able to mark locations of places they have visited and chat or share pictures of their visit with other people.
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Ferroconcrete – The TODAY Show (Branding)

today show

The iconic Today Show logo had become outdated and no longer represented the vision of the current program. Ferroconcrete, the brand and design firm based in Downtown LA, updated the iconic mark to become more simple and modern to fit the diversity of the current show.
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Magic Beans Creative – Funny or Die (Video Production)

Magic Beans Creative and Funny or Die teamed up together to create Little Republicans, a video series of young children recreating the Republican and Democratic primary debates. The video above is a must watch!
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BrandCulture Company – City of Santa Monica (Advertising)


BrandCulture and the City of Santa Monica partnered to create the Smoking Doesn’t Belong Here campaign for Santa Monica’s municipal ordinance to ban smoking in and around public places.

BrandCulture developed advertising to help spread the City’s image of being a healthy, positive, beach town and to raise awareness for the upcoming ban and build community support.
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zooom productions – Zanier Gloves (Branding)


As Zanier Gloves lead agency, zooom productions was tasked with revamping the glove manufacturer’s brand identity and rejuvenating the brand. With a series of solutions, zooom was able to design a new logo, create new advertising, design head-turning marketing materials, and update the packaging design to create a new, dynamic image for Zanier.
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Mistress – Jägermeister (Advertising)


As Jägermeister’s Agency of Record, Mistress was tasked with re-energizing the 8th largest spirit premium liquor provider’s brand identity.

With integrated advertising campaigns in the U.S., national outdoor (OOH) campaigns, and new product launches, the Agency of Record was able to build a stronger national presence with men and saw Jägermeister’s Impression Score among men rise 52 points.
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RED Interactive Agency – Netflix (Marketing Strategy)

To help launch Season 3 of the hit series, Orange is the New Black, Netflix wanted RED Interactive agency to develop a digital ad campaign that would reinvigorate the show’s current fan-base and attract new viewers to the show.

RED’s campaign consisted of display ads featuring the cast members of OITNB, exclusive video clips with special hidden content, a massive Time Square Takeover with members of the cast, and much much more. Season 3 of OITNB premiered to rave reviews and was the show’s best season yet.
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