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Eicoff is the Chicago advertising agency that specializes in designing and activating innovative, multi-screen television and digital video solutions. With over 50 years of experience, Eicoff believes in using the power of video content to build brands and drive results. They are the leaders in Direct Response Television (DRTV) and […]

Meet Chicago Advertising Agency: Eicoff

some connect logo
SoMe Connect is the Chicago digital marketing agency building online brands for companies of all sizes. Simply put, they make it easy for their clients to be online engaged with their audiences and drive new traffic. Aalap Shah and Madhavi Rao, the brains behind SoMe Connect, are the two digital […]

Meet Chicago Digital Marketing Agency: SoMe Connect

Engage & Resonate logo
Engage & Resonate is the Chicago experiential marketing agency with over 16 years of industry experience. They are all about creating the most effective consumer engagement experiences and activations for their partners. They have helped brands like Red Bull and Playstation engage their customers and drive purchase intent. Engage & […]

Meet Chicago Experiential Marketing Agency: Engage & Resonate

10twelve logo
10twelve is the Chicago marketing strategy agency that has a passion for helping business’ grow all without the bullsh*t. And that’s the motto 10twelve lives by – the no bullsh*t agency. This direct and simple approach to their company has helped them amass an impressive roster of clients from small […]

Meet Chicago Marketing Strategy Agency: 10twelve

Top 10 CHI Projects
The city of Chicago is known for many things, including its deep-dish pizza, the powerful, gusty winds that come in from Lake Michigan and now the home of the 2016 World Series Champion Chicago Cubs. Chicago is one of the biggest cities in the country, and it boasts some of […]

Top 10 Agency Projects in Chicago

Leviathan is the Chicago experiential agency that creates engaging narrative content and experiences for brands worldwide. Using ground breaking technology and creative, Leviathan’s creations keeps audiences enthralled and brings them back wanting more. The Chicago agency has worked with companies of all sizes from Nike to the Art Institute of […]

Meet Chicago Experiential Agency: Leviathan

Find top Chicago marketing agencies ❯❯   Chicago Marketing Agencies on Agency Spotter Inside Chicago’s Marketing, Advertising, and Design Scene Chicago Marketing: Inspiring Great Brands and Agencies Chicago and the marketing and advertising industry grew up together from the ashes of the Great Fire. In fact, Chicago can be credited […]

Chicago Marketing, Advertising and Design Spotlight logo is the Chicago marketing strategy agency that was founded on the principal of morphing its resources to become a unique agency that fits to each of their clients needs. The 150-person agency consists of five Chicago agencies: BKV, DRUM, Hiccup, Resonant Analytics, and UMarketing. They have worked with an […]

Meet Chicago Marketing Strategy Agency:

hcp associates political project with fccma
A lot goes into a political campaign, but the marketing machine involved in crafting a successful campaign is amazing. Things like teamwork, organization, analytics tracking, and communication are must-haves for any political marketing agency. “Though you may not have considered it, this blood sport we call politics is actually marketing,” […]

5 Political Marketing And Consumer Agencies: What Makes Them Great ...

What Makes A Great Digital Marketing Brief?
A clear and informative digital marketing brief can go a long way. There is a lot that goes into making an effective, quality digital marketing brief that communicates the desired message. Three agency thought leaders shared what exactly makes a good digital marketing brief and what you should avoid. In […]

What Makes a Great Digital Marketing Brief?

Finding top marketing agency projects based on brands and services can be a pretty difficult task, but with Agency Spotter’s Project Search feature, you can search for all kinds of agency projects from digital to advertising and even search by brands. Using the Project Search feature, we were able to […]

Top 10 Agency Projects You Need To See: Sept 2016

cmo talk at&t brand experience design gregg heard
How do you unify a Fortune 100 brand as old as AT&T? Hear from design and brand identity executive, Gregg Heard, as he shares the progress that AT&T has made and how that drives the brand experience customers. Gregg Heard, Vice President of Brand Identity and Design, at AT&T talks […]

CMO Talks: Designing The Brand Experience at AT&T

facebook mobile marketing award winner from the smarties 2016
There were a number of mobile marketing award winners at the Global MMA 2016 Smarties event, and we are highlighting 8 of the standout mobile agencies from the event. In every category, there were impressive and sleek campaigns and designs — like the Miami HEAT mobile app in the United […]

8 Mobile Marketing Award Winners from the Smarties

digital marketing agency
If you’re looking to find your next digital marketing agency, these are five questions you need to ask when interviewing each digital marketing agency. The 5 questions series is one more way Agency Spotter makes your agency search and selection process easier. 1. How Do You Measure Results? (KPI, ROI) […]

5 Questions to Ask Your Next Digital Marketing Agency

agency spotter agency search trends report 2016 h1
ATLANTA, Sept. 14, 2016 – Today, Agency Spotter published a trends report showing top trends for agency search and marketing services. The marketing services are evaluated based on marketers searching for agencies and design firms for the first half of 2016 as compared to results across 2015. The leading marketing […]

Agency Spotter Publishes Marketing Services Trends Report

agency spotter agency search trends report 2016 h1
Access the latest trends report for agency search and industry insight for free In this report, Agency Spotter shares trends research and insights on how you can help your agency partners and your marketing colleagues save time and find the right partners. As someone working with digital agencies, advertising agencies, […]

Agency Search Trends Report 2016

CMO Talks Digital Futures Tom Daly Coca-Cola
How do you maintain focus to shape the future of digital for your company? Industry veteran, Tom Daly, shares his candid reflections on turning the ship and his experiences across top brands like UPS and Coca-Cola. Tom talks about turning towards a digital future and offers tips for any digital […]

CMO Talks: Put Digital Future Within Arm’s Reach of Desire

CMO Talks QASymphony CMO Talks With Agency Spotter
Lessons of going from large enterprise to the startup world A lot of people who work in large companies say, “I really want to do something more entrepreneurial”. But, most don’t have any idea what they are getting into. Before leaving your cushy enterprise gig, you should attend this session. […]

CMO Talks: Lessons of an Enterprise Marketer Gone Startup a ...

CMO Talks Terminus CMO With Agency Spotter
How does a startup help to build an entirely new product category while trying to grow its own business as quickly as possible? In the world of B2B marketing, there are very few companies that can claim they helped build a category. Salesforce has helped the SaaS world grow by […]

CMO Talks: How You Can Create A Brand New Category ...

The winners for the Ad Age 2016 Small Agency Awards were recently announced. The Small Agency Awards highlights the best independent agencies from around the world with 150 or fewer employees. With many big awards only covering the big agencies, smaller shops, at times, aren’t getting their due for their […]

Top Six 2016 Small Agency Award Winners

Marketing advice cmo talks with Beam Suntory Global CMO Rebecca Messina
Find out what qualities the greatest marketers possess, the most important things you can do to build a great agency relationship, and other marketing advice on the capability of marketing and working with people in this talk between Beam Suntory’s Global CMO, Rebecca Messina, and Agency Spotter’s CEO, Brian Regienczuk. […]

CMO Talks: Marketing Advice And People with Rebecca Messina, Global ...

CMO Talks: Solutions Brands David Jaye The Weather Company
In our second of two talks with David Jaye, the Chief Marketing Officer of The Weather Company, Brian Regienczuk, Agency Spotter’s CEO, talks solutions brands and about the big data IoT (Internet of Things) opportunity with IBM. Part 2: A conversation with David Jaye, CMO of The Weather Company, An […]

CMO Talks: Solutions Brands with David Jaye of The Weather ...

CMO Talks: Agency Partnerships David Jaye The Weather Company
In our first of two talks with David Jaye, the Chief Marketing Officer of The Weather Company, Brian Regienczuk, Agency Spotter’s CEO, discusses Jaye’s work on the advertising agency side of the business and his transition to being a client. What is agency life like and how did it prepare […]

CMO Talks: Agency Partnerships with David Jaye of The Weather ...

11 brand-guy-kawasaki-canva
When it comes time to focus on your company’s branding, it is always good to get advice from the experts who have done it. Draw expert insights from those who have been the shepherds of brands through time and those who scaled their brands to reach millions, if not billions, […]

Branding Advice You’ll Never Forget, From Brands That Are Shaping ...

airbnb_logo-before-n-after branding
Do you even remember what Airbnb’s branding was a little over two years ago? I didn’t. I remembered that there was some minor controversy about it. But, I certainly recognize and remember the Airbnb brand today. As Agency Spotter set out to cover branding and branding agencies for two weeks, […]

Branding A Unicorn For Super Brand Status: Airbnb

Search and selection of the right branding partner can be hard Welcome to a smarter branding agency search with Agency Spotter. We do two things to help make marketers lives easier: 1. Agency Spotter’s blog answers the questions you have about finding and working with a great branding agency. 2. […]

Top Branding Agencies + Insights You Need To See Now

See the vitaminwater project by Brokaw on Agency Spotter
Let those with the best work win Agency Spotter releases Project Search, delivering another industry innovation to drive change and transparency across the marketing services industry. Project Search allows marketers to find amazing creative partners, design firms, and production studios by looking at their work first. Decision makers can favorite […]

Introducing Project Search: Find Your Next Partner By The Great ...

May 2016
Highlighting the top marketing projects across advertising, web, branding, innovation and much more… Finding top agency projects based on brands and services is pretty hard, but with Agency Spotter’s Project Search feature, you can now search for all kinds of agency projects from digital to advertising and even search by […]

Top 10 Marketing Projects You Need To See: May 2016

Top Dallas Agencies
To round out our Dallas series, we are taking a quick look at the top Dallas agencies continuing to do great things in the heart of Texas. From advertising to digital, Dallas is a city with great creative talent but even greater agencies. These agencies are evidence of the thriving creative scene in Dallas, […]

Top Dallas Agencies You Need to Know About

Publicis Hawkeye is a 260-person fully integrated, full-service advertising agency headquartered in Dallas, TX. We believe in the value of differences. Different people from different backgrounds, working together in an atmosphere of trust. That’s us. We share the need to experiment, make things better and enjoy every moment. We offer […]

Advertising in Dallas: Meet Publicis Hawkeye