5 Questions Series

What 5 questions do you need to ask your next agency partner before you hire them? The 5 Questions Series is a marketers resource when you’re looking to find a new partner or tasked with interviewing a shortlist of agencies and helping decide who will both drive the best ROI for your company and be a partner you enjoy working with.

No one wants to choose the wrong agency or design partner. Make sure you explore the 5 questions that are applicable for your agency interviews whether that is for your next advertising partner, branding agency, or product design firm. Agency Spotter covers more than 35 service areas from web design to mobile, from user experience design to social media.

Ask smart questions to your future agency partners. If you’re still not sure about the agencies on your shortlist check them out on AgencySpotter.com. See if they have good client reviews, discover what brands they’ve worked with, what industry experience they have, and which projects or campaigns they are most proud of.

digital marketing agency
If you’re looking to find your next digital marketing agency, these are five questions you need to ask when interviewing each digital marketing agency. The 5 questions series is one more way Agency Spotter makes your agency search and selection process easier. 1. How Do You Measure Results? (KPI, ROI) […]

5 Questions to Ask Your Next Digital Marketing Agency

Let’s find your next PR firm together. Welcome to 5Qs, a series highlighting the must-ask questions for a successful agency search. Hiring a public relations firm can be a difficult decision because you never know what the outcome of a campaign will be. But with a successful PR campaign, it […]

5 Questions to Ask Your Next PR Firm

video production
Video is critically important for companies now that it is clear people continue to consume video at exponentially higher rates than ever before. But if you’ve never worked with a video production agency, how do you know which video shop is the best to hire? Luckily, Agency Spotter is here […]

5 Questions to Ask Your Next Video Production Agency

5 Questions To Ask Your PPC Agency
We’re continuing our 5 Qs Series with questions to ask your next Pay Per Click or PPC agency. Finding the right PPC agency can be a difficult task if you don’t know what to expect. We’ve brought in a PPC expert, Joe Balestrino, to help you navigate PPC and ask the […]

5 Questions to Ask Your Next PPC Agency

Insights for Managing Your Creative Agency
It’s a rite of passage for every marketer. Congratulations, for the first time, you’re managing your creative agency relationship. The agency search is over and you have a new agency partner that exceeded your expectations from the initial impression to the final pitch. Now it’s time to get to work. […]

Ask the Expert: 5 Insights for Managing Your Creative Agency

Expert advice from an Atlanta ecommerce agency
Maximize your e-commerce agency ROI. You’ve got an operational e-commerce site. Congrats! But now it’s time to drive revenue, especially as the holiday shopping season ramps up. Just as Agency Spotter can help you find the right ecommerce agencies to build your site, we can help take that relationship to […]

5 Questions to Ask Your E-Commerce Agency To Optimize Performance

Are you asking your e-commerce agency the right questions?
Our 5Qs Series is back! Ask these five questions to find your awesome e-commerce agency. Launching (or relaunching) an e-commerce site? Having the right agency partner can make all the difference. E-commerce is more than throwing up a webpage. Like traditional retail, customer experience matters. Instead of laying out displays and aisles, you need […]

5 Questions to Ask Your Next E-Commerce Agency

Avoid Death by 1,000 Paper Cuts, The Five Most Dangerous Cuts to Avoid Douglas Spencer Principal, Spencer Brenneman A big welcome to Boston-based guest writer Douglas Spencer, a brand marketing veteran who’s done every type of marketing communications known to man. Take it away, Douglas! Inconsistency is enemy #1 of […]

Five Easy Ways to Kill Your Brand

ux design
Welcome to 5Qs, a series highlighting the must-ask questions for a successful agency search. Let’s find your next UX design agency together. Think of all the places your customers interact with your product, either digitally or in real life—a lot, right? Everything from e-commerce sites to the retail checkout process […]

5 Questions to Ask Your Next UX Design Agency