5 Questions to Ask Your Next Video Production Agency

Video is critically important for companies now that it is clear people continue to consume video at exponentially higher rates than ever before. But if you’ve never worked with a video production agency, how do you know which video shop is the best to hire?

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Luckily, Agency Spotter is here to help you ask the right questions when hiring your next video agency partner, and also here with a list of the best video production studios from around the world. So after you read the article, hop over to the Agency Spotter platform and start your search for your very own video production agency.

Here are the 5 questions to ask your next video production partner:

1. What is your agency culture and how does it mesh with my company?

When selecting any creative partner, whether it’s a video agency, design firm or ad agency, cultural fit is probably one of the most important factors. The agency you eventually hire will serve as an extension of your team, so personalities, style, speed, and objectives need to align with your company.

Consider what kind of company you are and pick a video shop that can help push your company to greater heights, but not to a point where the video you end up with is way off your identity or the team creates conflict because they are unable to work productively with your team.

2. What type of videos do you specialize in?

Many video production shops may tell you that they can produce any type of video out there, and while it may be true, there are probably between one to three types of videos they are amazing at. Find out what those specializations are quickly to save yourself a lot of heartache later on. Many times, you can get an initial feel for this by viewing their existing work. You don’t want to hire a video shop that specializes in video interviews and testimonials to be the lead agency on your next commercial or product teaser video.

3. Are all of your staff in-house?

Not all video production agencies are created equally. Some video shops may have a complete staff that will take care of every thing from pre-production to post-production, but there are also studios that may just focus on post-production of already existing video.

If you’re looking for the full package of pre-production, production and post-production make sure they have a complete in-house staff that can handle all your needs. If your doing a major commercial or something else highend with lots of custom animations added, sometimes it is good to even look for two specialist agencies who have a track record of working together, one to do pre-production and production, and another one to do the post-production to add in the animation, special effects, and slice and dice things to get the perfect cut.

4. What do you need from me and my team?

This is just a matter of how much time and expertise you and your team have and are willing to commit to. From the onset, clearly define what is needed from you and your company.

Some video shops just need a content brief and can run with it and create an amazing video for you with minimal checkpoints, others might need you to produce a script or just be more involved in the overall process.

Asking this question helps you know just what you’re getting into, and how much time you might need to devote.

5. How quickly can you deliver?

Some video agencies have longer video production cycles than others. If you have a hard deadline for a project, make sure that the agency can deliver the work within your time frame, if not, you need to move on to other candidates. There are video shops out there that can get the work done faster, but be careful not to sacrifice quality.


Time to find your next video partner

Now that you know all the questions needed in hiring your next video production agency, now it’s all a matter of finding your next partner. Take a look at the best motion/video agencies on Agency Spotter and find your perfect agency with confidence based on client reviews, agency projects and more!

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