Top 10 Agency Projects You Need To See Now: January 2016

Top agency projects from brands big and small like Sony and Subway to Danzeisen Dairy.

The monthly Agency Spotter projects series is a great way to discover awesome projects and see the agencies behind the work. Projects showcase what each agency is great at, the type of services they provide, and their level expertise.

Agency projects can also serve as a great resource in finding your next creative agency partner. It allows you to focus on the work that is being done rather than the name on the front of the building. So the next time your looking for that new ad agency or design firm, leverage our agency projects and search with confidence.


Sparks Grove – Sony (Marketing Strategy)

Sparks Grove, a leading human experience design firm based in Atlanta, GA, was tasked with developing a consumer insight based, go-to-market strategy for Sony’s wearable portfolio in the U.S. and globally. To help its clients break into the wearable category, Sparks Grove crafted a three-phased approach that identified the competitive landscape of wearables in the U.S. market, complied a list of influencer from their Social Insights Lab, and created Sony’s unique value proposition based on short and long term strategies.

In 2015, Sparks Grove won the category of “Innovation in Market Research” at the American Marketing Association (AMA) Awards for their work with Sony.

To learn more about Sparks Grove and the Sony Wearable project, visit their Agency Spotter portfolio.


Image credits in order of appearance: Stiftelsen Elektronikkbransjen, Maurizio Pesce, TechStage.

Sir Isaac – Champion Seed (Advertising)

Champion Seed is an independent seed company based in Iowa that wanted a way to grow their business but not lose their 0ld-school beliefs in the process.

Sir Isaac, the full-service creative agency named after a physicist, helped the family-owned company establish an updated brand identity through billboards, print advertising and more to appeal to a wider audience. Through the process, Sir Issac stayed true to Champion Seed’s business and aligned all marketing and branding efforts to match with the company’s beliefs. With the help of Sir Isaac, Champion Seed was able to grow their business by over 15%.

To learn more about the Sir Isaac, visit their Agency Spotter portfolio.

Champion Seed


Rocket Communications – CyberKnife (User Experience)

Accuray, a radiation oncology company, and Rocket Communications teamed up to create the CyberKnife® Robotic Radiosurgery System which offers a non-invasive alternative to surgery for the treatment of both cancerous and non-cancerous tumors.

Rocket Communications helped develop the overall UX design and visual design that provided technicians with an easy-to-use and quick interface to effectively setup and run the CyberKnife system.

To learn more about the CyberKnife and other projects, visit Rocket Communications’ Agency Spotter portfolio.



Mechanica – American Heritage Dictionary (Social Media)

To launch the the 5th Edition of the American Heritage Dictionary, Mechanica created the “You Are Your Words” campaign which was an interactive website that allowed people to create self portraits based on words they felt best represented themselves. The campaign was a huge hit, garnering over 80,000 unique portraits from people using words from their social streams like Facebook and Twitter or from people just typing in their own words.

The portraits were a powerful reminder of how important words are in defining who we are and also a great reminder of the value of the American Heritage Dictionary.

To learn more about Mechanica and the “You Are Your Words” campaign, watch the video below or visit their Agency Spotter portfolio.

AHD from Mechanica USA on Vimeo.


JStokes Agency – Subway (Media)

JStokes Agency is one of the leading regional agencies representing more than 500 Subway restaurants in the Western United States. The 30 year relationship between Subway and JStokes started with direct mail efforts, then radio, and today to a fully integrated media campaign that included billboards, direct marketing, commercials and more.

JStokes won multiple awards with Subway including Agency of the Year, Breakthrough Media Award for Excellence, and Global Market of the Year to name a few.

To learn more about JStokes Agency and their 30 year relationship with Subway, visit their Agency Spotter portfolio.



Brainchild Marketing – DaVita Labs (Marketing Strategy)

In late 2012, DaVita Labs – the nation’s largest lab company servicing the chronic kidney disease market, wanted to grow their commercial presence. To reach these goals, DaVita Labs turned to Brainchild Marketing to develop a campaign that would capitalize on the company’s growing opportunities by creating a new website, web advertising, sales collateral, and an exhibit booth at Kidney Week in efforts to gain new clients.

The campaign has led to numerous new service contracts for DaVita Labs.

To learn more about Brainchild and the DaVita Labs exhibit booth design, visit their Agency Spotter portfolio.

Davita Labs (1)


RNO1 – Curium (Branding)

Curium, a disruptive science consulting company that leverages the brain power of PhD-level scientists and engineers to solve biotech’s toughest problems, wanted to update their brand identity. RNO1 worked to reimagine the company’s logo, website, mobile and more helping Curium elevate their brand image and visual identity.

To learn more about RNO1 and to see more projects, visit their Agency Spotter portfolio.

Curium (1)


hedgehog lab – Channel 4 (Mobile)

Channel 4 and Fresh One Productions wanted to build a fully working iOS app for the launch of Chef Jamie Oliver’s new television series 15-Minute Meals in 12 weeks. To create this second screen mobile companion app, Channel 4 turned to hedgehog lab to finish this time sensitive mobile project. hedgehog lab deliver an award winning app (2013 Drum Design Awards) that provided easy-to-download recipes once they appeared on TV, serving as the perfect complement to Jamie’s 15-Minute Meals series.

To learn more about other hedgehog lab projects, visit their Agency Spotter portfolio.

Channel 4


Ideas Collide – Danzeisen Dairy (Branding)

Danzeisen Dairy, a local Phoenix dairy farm, and Ideas Collide, a local Arizona marketing agency, teamed up together to develop branding, PR, design and digital marketing efforts to help establish Danzeisen Dairy as the premier brand for the freshest bottled milk. With millions of online impressions through the campaign, Ideas Collide was able to help the Phoenix dairy farm get into many local groceries.

To learn more about Ideas Collide and the campaign with Danzeisen Dairy, visit their Agency Spotter portfolio.



WeezLabs – Guest Locker (Mobile)

Guest Locker is an Android security app that allows users to freely hand off their phone to friends and family while allowing you to hide apps, contacts, messages and more. Guest Locker approached WeezLabs to help create the mobile experience and make an app that was easy to use. WeezLabs’ approach was to keep the app as clean, modern and minimalist as possible so that anyone could pick up and use it.

To learn about other mobile and UX projects, visit WeezLabs’ Agency Spotter portfolio.

Guest Locker


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