Top 10 Agency Projects You Need to See: September 2015

In September’s Top Agency Projects coverage, we are highlighting agency work that fall into 10 different core services.

So if you’re looking for an agency or design firm that specializes in branding, packaging, web, e-commerce, search, video, social media, user experience, email and digital strategy, this is the month for you!

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1. Brand Fever (Atlanta, GA) – AVOXI


AVOXI, a cloud communications provider focused on meeting the international calling needs for global enterprises, teamed up with Brand Fever to rename and reposition their brand. Brand positioning efforts started with a new company name, a new easy-to-use website, updated key messaging, tagline and visual identity to fall in line with AVOXI’s leadership.


2. Brandimage (Chicago, IL) – Yoplait


Back in 2013, Brandimage was tasked with creating a new packaging design for Yoplait Yogurt. To appeal to consumers and increase engagement, Brandimage chose to use vibrant waves of color to celebrate the wide variety of flavors.

Brandimage’s packaging design project for Yoplait also received an American Graphic Design Award in the Packaging category.


3. Eastmont Group (Atlanta, GA) – Arden’s Garden


Arden’s Garden, a premier fresh fruit juice manufacturer in Atlanta, had a growing and recognizable brand throughout the Southeast with multiple retail locations. But with all of their success, the brand’s online presence was severely lacking. So in partnership with Eastmont Group, a new Magento e-commerce website was developed to improve the overall user experience for customers and also allow the company to effectively manage their online store.


4. Geary LSF (San Francisco, CA) – Brooks Brothers


In 2012, Geary LSF had two challenges they faced in their Brooks Brothers campaign. First, the agency had to increase organic SEO traffic and revenue for the brand’s e-commerce shop. The second task was to ensure a smooth SEO migration to Brooks Brothers new website and make sure all redirects were done correctly.

Geary LSF increased organic SEO traffic by 160% and revenue by 62% by applying on-page optimization, reporting and analysis through Omniture and Google Analytics, and local optimization. To handle the full migration of the new site, the Agency created a custom Website Migration SEO Roadmap to outline pre- and post-launch milestones.


5. PCI (Alexandria, VA) – Smithsonian

The Smithsonian X 3D is a next-generation 3D scanning and printing tool that was revolutionizing the museum world. However, this ground-breaking tool was largely going unnoticed and the people at the Smithsonian wanted to change that. So with the help of PCI, a video campaign comprising of 18 individual videos showcased the Smithsonian X 3D while also telling a larger story of “the quest to know man’s world.” With over 30 interviews filmed, the short videos were shot in a way to mimic the motion of 3D.


6. Raison Pure NYC (New York, NY) – Dove


Raison Pure NYC and Unilever teamed up together to create the graphic and packaging design for Dove’s new line, Dove Men+Care Expert Shave. The Dove Men+Care is a premium shaving process comprised of five different products and is designed to fit into any man’s grooming routine. The packaging is a clean and straightforward design that heightens the premium aspects of the new product, while lending itself to better shelf appeal.


7. Red Door Interactive (San Diego, CA) – ASICS


To kickoff ASICS’ 2014 holiday seasons, Red Door Interactive planned a Instagram campaign to increase online sales. Red Door planned to grow engagement by implementing different social media tactics such as Like2Buy. Like2Buy enabled users to directly purchase products from the company’s Instagram images. The Agency also featured hashtags and give-a-ways to help promote the brand. Overall, the social media campaign garnered over 24,000 engagements via Instagram and saw the campaign contribute to 30% of the socially-generated revenue.


8. Say Yeah! (Toronto, ON) – Virgin Gaming


Virgin Gaming had a exhaustive process when it came to dealing with customer dollars from their gaming account. With so many steps and regulatory requirements, both the customer and customer service rep’s were jumping through hoops to ultimately find a resolution. So Virgin Gaming approached Say Yeah! to simplify the largely manual process and help it from hemorrhaging the money it had lost up to this point.

Say Yeah!, in partnership with the Virgin Gaming’s internal development team, created the Virgin Gaming Internal Process flowchart to learn more about the different problems and find a way to streamline the whole process. Now with a better understanding of the problem, Say Yeah! automated the withdrawal process by leveraging API’s and tools to make a process that was once 45 steps into now just three.

The team didn’t just stop there. By adding automated intelligence for existing customers through customer histories, service notes and flags, Say Yeah! was able to expedite transactions for existing customers


9. Sidebench Studios (Los Angeles, CA) – BaubleBar


BaubleBar, a leading online jewelry retailer, wanted to build their email list, generate referrals and increase online purchases. To help them achieve these objectives, BaubleBar turned to Sidebench Studios to build a online promotional web game called “The Color Claw” where you could win free stuff and get a mysterious discount code.


10. Slingshot (Dallas, TX) – Taco Bueno


Slingshot and Taco Bueno collaborated to create the “Taco Intervention” digital campaign that asked people to stage their own taco intervention and show their friends and family what real Tex-Mex should taste like.

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