Top 10 Agency Projects You Need to See: August 2015

The wait is finally over! August’s top 10 agency projects are here, and I know many of you were dying with anticipation…This month’s issue of the top projects cover core services ranging from website redesigns to a social media campaign for a restaurant. So, whatever core service you might be looking for, we have agency projects that can serve as a great guide for you.

1. Boucher + Co. (New York, NY) – Salinas Restaurant


Salinas, a Spanish tapas restaurant in the heart of West Chelsea, needed a revamped social media strategy to help promote the restaurant, engage new and current patrons, and elevate their brand image. To carry out these multiple objectives, Salinas turn to Boucher + Co. – a boutique digital agency based in NYC with years of experience in the digital space.

Boucher + Co. worked closely with restaurant staff and executive chef to build a consistent brand image through all of their social media channels to push seasonal menus, events and relevant content. Combining the social media strategies with public relations efforts, Salinas increased their social media following and are consistently filling their 150 seat restaurant every night.


2. Civilian (Chicago, IL) – Honeywell Analytics


In April 2013, Civilian was selected as the lead agency to redesign Honeywell Analytics’ global website. To complete this large-scale project, the agency had to coordinate with over 50 stakeholders, partner with the Honeywell web department, comply with Honeywell’s corporate creative guidelines and migrate multiple brands into one site. Civilian was able to manage all these tasks to create a cohesive and dynamic website that satisfied every department.


3. Delphic Digital (Philadelphia, PA) – Wolf Trap


Wolf Trap, America’s National Park for the performing arts, approached Delphic Digital to build a better web experience that would help enhance the user’s journey. Delphic Digital went quickly to work creating a digital experience that was seamless to navigate and made finding a class, event, directions and seating easier than ever before.

The look and feel of the website was clean and simple, perfectly aligning with Wolf Trap’s brand image. Wolf Trap loved the new website so much, they asked Delphic Digital to get right back to work and create three more sites for them.


4. Ferroconcrete (Los Angeles, CA) – Pinkberry


Before Pinkberry was one of the best frozen yogurts chains in America, they were a new company in a unfamiliar space. So with one store in 2006 and having a franchise on the way, Ferroconcrete helped jump start the brand into the frozen yogurt giant we know today.

Instead of going the traditional marketing route, Ferroconcrete decided to position Pinkberry as a lifestyle brand and create a dedicated cult following called the Pinkberry Groupies. The Groupies would share their passion and experiences for yogurt and in turn grow awareness and engagement for the brand. This initiative helped grow Pinkberry to over 200 stories in three years!


5. Formation Design Group (Atlanta, GA) – Crown


The Crown TSP 6000 is a state of the art operator up lift truck which helps move and lift heavy materials with ease. Formation Design worked closely with Crown’s internal design team to create the the TSP 6000’s operator compartment and control system. The TSP project was a success, winning a number of awards including an IDEA Award, an iF Product Design Award and a Red Dot Best of the Best Award.


6. Greatest Common Factory (Austin, TX) – SafeAuto Insurance


SafeAuto Insurance and Greatest Common Factory teamed up to create an uncommon car insurance ad campaign called “Enjoy The Road Ahead,” that celebrated people’s cars more than buying insurance. Rather than taking the conventional approach of using scare tactic to sell insurance that even SafeAuto were guilty of, the company decided to flip the script and reposition their message.

Greatest Common Factory highlighted the most popular cars, which were usually 10-15 years old, from SafeAuto’s customer database and celebrated those vehicles in ad campaigns like they were new cars.


7. Preston Kelly (Minneapolis, MN) – Pick ‘n Save

pick 'n save

Pick ‘n Save, the premier supermarket chains in Wisconsin, was losing both sales and market shares to Walmart. They turned to Preston Kelly to help overhaul their brand and create a competitive edge over the big box retailers.

Preston Kelly leveraged Pick ‘n Save’s access to fresh food to set the supermarket apart from other competitors. “New Every Day” was the new mantra that helped customers and employees focus on the freshness of Pick ‘n Save’s products without actually using the overused grocery cliche word, “fresh.” In the first months of the campaign, the brand saw increase sales in 14 test stores by 500 basis points.


8. The Visual Brand (Westport, CT) – Eleni’s Cookies


The Visual Brand created the packaging design for a new line of cookies called the Classic Crisp from Eleni’s Cookies. The packaging was so innovative that it won a Sofi Award from the National Association for the Specialty Food Trade – one of the highest honors in the food specialty industry.

TVB was also in charge of creating a new dynamic website for Eleni’s that featured an interactive cookie builder.


9. UMarketing (Lombard, IL) – First National Bank of Omaha


In 2013, the First National Bank of Omaha and UMarketing partnered to create a consumer credit card that would break through the clutter of competitor cards in the marketplace. Through extensive market research, the DREAM Card was born. With fresh branding and design, all created by UMarketing, the DREAM Card was able to garner more than 85% of all First Bankcard’s approved applications in one month. To help accelerate the launch of the new card, UMarketing lead all efforts in creating the marketing material, billboards, radio campaigns and much more.


10. Vest Advertising (Louisville, KY) – Humana NC


Vest Advertising and Humana in North Carolina worked together to create a hyper-targeted advertising campaign to reach retired teachers in the North Carolina area. For the first time in years, retired teachers were given the choice of choosing their healthcare provider, and Humana NC saw this as a perfect time to enter this new market.

Creating a media, advertising and web experience specifically tailored to the target market, the Humana NC advertising campaign exceeded its marketing goal by 25% and was renewed to continue the success.


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