Our Team

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With a laser focus and passion for the space, Agency Spotter is organizing the world of agencies to make it easy for marketing decision makers at brands to do an agency search and connect with advertising agencies, design agencies, digital agencies, and 40 marketing service areas.

Brian Regienczuk

Co-Founder / CEO

Joseph Raccuglia


Adam Schutt

Director of Business Development

Melissa West

Director of Customer Success

Jeff Dockman

Director of Software Engineering

Jon Penton

Software Engineer

Lockett Pundt

Software Engineer

Alec Wolyniec

Software Engineer

Dane Becker

Junior Software Engineer

Nicole Schuster

Content Marketing Manager


Current Advisors

Scott Roen

Managing Director at BlackRock

Jane McCracken

Assistant Director of ATDC

Tripp Amos

Former Executive at Aflac & Consultant


Advisory Network

Douglas Spencer

President of Spencer Bremman

Alison Lindland

SVP Strategy at Moveable Ink

Stephen Fishman

Global Practice Lead At MuleSoft

Sue Boehlke

Advisor & Corporate Executive

Misiek Piskorski

Harvard Business School, Former Advisor to Behance (Adobe Exit)

Michael Kogon

CMO/CTO at Pull-A-Part

Tony Robinson

Chief Technology Officer at fūsus