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Dedicated to connecting people and driving marketing excellence

With a laser focus and passion for the space, Agency Spotter is organizing the world of agencies to make it easy for marketing decision makers at brands to do an agency search and connect with advertising agencies, design agencies, digital agencies, and 40 marketing service areas.

Brian Regienczuk, Co-Founder / CEO Brian on LinkedIn Brian on Twitter

Business, Technology & Design Brian Regienczuk pic
Brian has worked on both sides of the agency-client relationship and is passionate about solving this vertical, greasing the wheels of the trillion dollar marketing services marketplace.

Former Group Director of Global Design at The Coca-Cola Company, he has overseen multi-million dollar budgets and worked with top brands for more than 20 years including Bacardi, Minute Maid, Philips, Sprite, GM, The Home Depot, WebMD and many more. Brian has tackled this space before, refining agency management and global rosters at Coca-Cola.

Joseph Raccuglia, Co-Founder Joseph on LinkedIn

Digital & Mobile Marketing ExpertJoseph Raccuglia pic
Joseph joined Agency Spotter from American Express where he was a digital marketing leader. Joseph has experienced pain points on both sides of the solution as a small business advocate via AMEX OPEN and managing marketing programs across many different creative agencies. Joseph thrives on building relationships and finding creative solutions. While Joseph is no longer involved in the day to day business, he provides advice and mentorship for team members.

Adam Schutt, Director of Business Strategy Adam on LinkedIn

Sales and Business Development
Adam has worked in the fields of International Sales, Marketing and Business Development, with 17 years experience sourcing, developing, closing and retaining leads and contracts. After working overseas in Dubai and Amsterdam for many years, Adam returned to Atlanta to continue his career in sales and now leads Agency Spotter’s new business strategy.

Adam enjoys trying food from a variety of cultures, and is conversationally proficient in 5 languages.

Andrew Safigan, Lead Developer

Launching New Features
A computer science alumni from Furman, Andrew is passionate about developing web applications and helping others. He is focused on development on Rails, React.js components, SEO, and other backend efforts at Agency Spotter.

Ask Andrew about his time in Japan or what framework he’s trying out.

Mingu Lee, Marketing Manager

Marketing and Customer SuccessMingu Lee marketing at Agency Spotter
Mingu brings agency-side experience from the public relations and marketing industry. At Agency Spotter, Mingu is driving new users to the platform and helping make sure agency customers find success. Ask him about his passion for content creation, sports, and basketball.


Current Advisors

scott roen agency spotter advisor

Scott Roen

Global Head of Digital at BlackRock

After working in the digital marketing and strategy space for organizations like Oracle and American Express, Scott joined the BlackRock team as the Managing Director of Global Digital. Based in New York, Scott has a passion for working with marketing and reward programs, and currently holds three patents in the field.



Advisory Network

Douglas Spencer Agency Spotter Advisor

Douglas Spencer

President of Spencer Bremman

Former VP Brand Management at Thomson Reuters, Douglas has many years of experience in marketing and management. He is currently the President at Spencer Brenneman, where he works with businesses of all sizes to manage their brand and marketing strategy.

Alison Lindland Agency Spotter Advisor

Alison Lindland

Senior Director of Customer Success at Moveable Ink

In her role at Moveable Ink, Alison manages relationships with large strategic enterprise clients, including some of the most well known Fortune 1000 brands in the world. She previously worked in Business Development for American Express, and led development on the company’s first mobile app and first Twitter handle.

Stephen Fishman

Senior Director of Platform Services at MuleSoft

With more then 25 years of varied experience in the information technology, user experience and business strategy fields, Stephen seeks to have a definitive positive impact on business concerns, users’ interaction experiences, and long term technical viability.He also currently writes weekly columns on DevOps.com and CMSWire.com, and is in the process of writing a book.

Sue Boehlke Agency Spotter Advisor

Sue Boehlke

Angel Investor + Digital Operations Executive at Penton

While working for many years in the digital and information technology space, Sue also contributes to multiple non-profits, serving on the board for both The Childrens’ Museum of Atlanta, as well as Clockwise.MD. Sue is an angel investor in a variety of digital, data, and tech-based companies, and enjoys serving as an independent advisory and board member for Agency Spotter.

Misiek Piskorski Agency Spotter Advisor

Misiek Piskorski

Harvard Business School, Former Advisor to Behance (Adobe Exit)

A professor of Strategy and Innovation at IMD Business School in Switzerland, Misiek has previously taught at both Harvard and Stanford universities. He holds degrees from The University of Cambridge and Harvard, and is a prolific publisher of academic literature.

Michael Kogon Agency Spotter Advisor

Michael Kogon

Co-Founder + Former CEO at Definition 6

With a focus in online advertising and strategy, Michael lead clients to generate over $10 billion in online revenue at Definition 6. Currently serving as Senior Vice President of IT and Digital at Pull-A-Part, Michael is continuing to deliver value in the digital space for customers in the autoparts space.

Tony Robinson Agency Spotter Advisor

Tony Robinson

Director of Development at Octane5

Tony served in the United States Army for almost 8 eight years, and then began his career in development. Working for a variety of big brands, ranging from General Electric to Turner, Tony currently manages development at Octane5 in Atlanta.