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Organizing the trillion dollar marketing services industry starting with agency search and selection across digital, advertising, design and 38 other services

At Agency Spotter, our aim is to organize the marketing services industry. It is a huge, complex space with more 500,000 agencies and design firms competing for a share of over $1 trillion in worldwide spend.

We’ve started by making it easy for businesses and agencies to connect, taking agency search from months to minutes. Decision makers can now search a more comprehensive consideration set and access important information they’ve never had before, like client reviews.

To capture new business, agencies expend a significant amount of time and money to both market themselves and generating leads to develop new business.

Agency Spotter’s core revenue model is based on agency’s upgrading to premium subscriptions. We make it easy to upgrade by saving agencies time and money, delivering targeted marketing and new business results.

Upgrading to a premium subscription hits two major goals for agencies. First, it checks the marketing/advertising box by driving significantly more exposure, making sure the agency is in the right place at the right time. Second, it creates a hot new business sales funnel providing access to targeted leads who have already engaged the agency on Agency Spotter.

Agency Spotter continues to transform the marketing services industry across agency search, selection, management and beyond. Check out Agency Spotter for yourself, sign-up and do an agency search!

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