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Agency Spotter iPhone App Featured on AdWeek
Know a marketer or subject matter expert who is always complaining about their digital agencies, their branding agency, or design firms? Now there’s an app for that. Save them more than a hundred hours doing an agency search by telling them about Agency Spotter’s new iPhone App. Our mission, to […]

New iPhone App: Saves Marketers 100+ Hours. Simplify Agency Search, ...

creative brief tips big idea
If the content brief is a map, it needs to be good enough for your agency to get you to your destination. You just finished the first draft of your latest creative brief. You’ve got that feeling like it could be better, but you’re not sure what to change. I […]

7 Tips for a Better Creative Brief

Speed and precision: the key ingredients to finding the best marketing agency. And being canine obedience winner. Winners have to act fast and minimize mistakes. That’s as true for canine competitors as it is for businesses searching for the best marketing agency possible. Fortunately for you, Agency Spotter’s search tool helps brands […]

Golden Retriever vs German Shepard: How To Win At Agency ...

Find your best marketing agency or design firm in minutes!
You don’t buy shoes without reading reviews. Your creative agency search shouldn’t be any different. Picking the right creative partner can seem daunting. There are so many choices and you’ve only got so much time. You could make a similar statement for shoe shopping on Zappos. But Zappos and Agency […]

The Secret to a Confident Creative Agency Search

ux design
Welcome to 5Qs, a series highlighting the must-ask questions for a successful agency search. Let’s find your next UX design agency together. Think of all the places your customers interact with your product, either digitally or in real life—a lot, right? Everything from e-commerce sites to the retail checkout process […]

5 Questions to Ask Your Next UX Design Agency

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The fastest way to a better agency shortlist is simple: use your network effectively. Personal recommendations are the most trusted decision-making tool, from hiring a plumber to buying a new pair of socks. The same goes for selecting a creative agency. But how to do you get the information you […]

The Fastest Way to a Better Agency Shortlist

Mile Zero 2
It’s time to find a new creative agency. Fearful the process will be full of dead-ends? Not if you plan ahead! Mile 0: Define What You Want Currently, the average agency search takes three to six months. That’s a long time to have your brand in limbo. Beat the industry […]

Your Road Map to Agency Search Success

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In creating Agency Spotter, we have set out to organize the creative services industry and the landscape of agencies around the world. By creating the first digital marketplace connecting brands and creative agencies, we’ve increased transparency and removed the barriers that keep marketers from finding better agencies with a smarter […]

5 Ways To Shake Up Agency Search

Agency Spotter takes agency search from months to minutes
Let’s make finding a great creative agency easy For more than a year, we’ve been talking with top marketers and business experts, getting them to weigh in on the biggest challenges they face when finding a new creative agency. It turns out, everyone has a lot to say and share […]

Top 5 Pain Points of Creative Agency Search

Agency Search Bar
It’s been an amazing first 100 days, and we’re excited to share what we’ve been up to since our launch. The entire Agency Spotter team has been focused on developing useful features that help businesses discover, compare, and connect for better creative agency search. Plus, we’re helping agencies be found […]

New Features Make Agency Search Easier