New iPhone App: Saves Marketers 100+ Hours. Simplify Agency Search, Shortlist, and Connect with Top Contenders.

Know a marketer or subject matter expert who is always complaining about their digital agencies, their branding agency, or design firms? Now there’s an app for that. Save them more than a hundred hours doing an agency search by telling them about Agency Spotter’s new iPhone App.

Our mission, to save marketers serious time and help them build a roster of agency partners they love, is just starting to warm up.

Easiest agency search out there with Agency Spotter iPhone app

Agency Spotter launches the first mobile app to solve agency search for marketers and subject matter experts across digital, advertising, design, and more than 30 other services. The Agency Spotter iPhone App is an extension of, searches more than 12,700 agencies and design firms, and is available for free in the App Store.

Agency Spotter’s new iPhone app was just featured on the home page of AdWeek, and that was exciting. We even put out a press release. But, our mission, to save marketers serious time and help them build a roster of agency partners they love, is just starting to warm up.

Now marketers can build a better agency shortlist in minutes and benefit from:

  • Data driven agency matches–build a shortlist before your next meeting using Agency Spotter’s matching engine
  • Details that help marketers decide–from agency client reviews to projects, be more productive and leverage a better consideration set than ever before
  • Shortlist, share, and connect with marketing agencies for free–take control of your agency search at no cost, share shortlists with your team, and reach out to start the conversation

CEO and Co-Founder, Brian Regienczuk, stressed that, “Agency Spotter’s mobile app is just one more way we are reinventing agency search and streamlining the trillion dollar marketing services industry worldwide.”

Save someone you know 100 hours or more with Agency Spotter

Most brand managers, design directors, and other marketers I know are stressed out, wearing multiple hats, and still trying to deliver amazing ROI to their companies. Our time is the most precious commodity.

Give a marketer in your life the gift of time. When you hear they are looking for a new advertising agency, a better digital agency, branding agency, or packaging design firm, tell them about what we’re doing at Agency Spotter.

If you have an iPhone, show them how easy the app is to use. Or, show them this video of the app.

The easiest agency search out there, with better results than Google or Bing

You can build a more meaningful shortlist in minutes using Agency Spotter than you can by trying to google for agencies or by randomly emailing some of your colleagues, desperately asking, “who should I use.” Plus, you’ll discover potential partners you didn’t even know existed.

Today, you can search more than 12,700 digital agencies, advertising agencies, and design firms in between meetings (click here for a laugh about how easy it is).

There are 35 services including areas like Shopper Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Innovation, and User Experience Design. You can indicate a budget range and, on the website, even search by industry experience like Food and Beverage, Consumer Goods, or Healthcare. You can even zero in on Independent agencies or search by major agency network like WPP, Publicis, Omnicom, Interpublic, or Dentsu.



Who’s Googling for an agency? Your colleagues are. I guarantee it.

You may think that sounds crazy, who is googling for an agency? Your colleagues are. I have personally interviewed hundreds of experts at companies of all sizes, and Google was consistently one of the first places they were turning before we built Agency Spotter. Even I was surprised at how common that answer came up.

Find your next digital agency or design firm with iPhone app

We’re fighting to make marketers’ lives better, to help you find an agency partner you can fall in love with.

We’re not talking about purple unicorns. There are tons of people who literally LOVE their agencies and design firms.

You can read some of the agency reviews posted on Agency Spotter by clients and see how much love there is. Then, you can go out and find love for yourself. Trust me, your colleagues and your spouse or partner will be over the moon when you find a better fit partnership.

We’re rooting for you. Your success is our success.

Since we launched the full version of Agency Spotter’s website in October 2013, we have helped countless decision makers:

  • Find better agency and design partners
  • Increase marketing ROI
  • Turn around a brand that was about to be canned
  • Get promoted, in part, because of finding a partner that helped them kill it
  • Get hired away by an even better gig

The question really is: Why wouldn’t you use a free tool that helps you find success faster and with better odds than the usual suspects?

Download the Agency Spotter iPhone app.

Or, get started on for full agency search, shortlisting, and contact functionality.


Daniel Kim