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Search and selection of the right branding partner can be hard

Welcome to a smarter branding agency search with Agency Spotter. We do two things to help make marketers lives easier:

1. Agency Spotter’s blog answers the questions you have about finding and working with a great branding agency.

2. Agency Spotter is your resource for navigating the world of top branding agencies and design firms, including our quarterly Top Branding Agencies Reports.

We go beyond the questions you should ask a branding agency, to ask how do you scope the project appropriately to drive the results you want? How do you get to your shortlist out of a healthy consideration set? What criteria will you use to narrow down the candidates and ultimately selection one partner from?

Learn what companies like Airbnb, IBM, AT&T, Beam-Suntory, Apple, and many others have to say about branding and building an amazing brand. Get killer tips on running a top branding program to make sure you find the success your company deserves.

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