Marketing Restaurants: Agencies with the Right Recipe

It takes more than just great food to have a successful restaurant. With 60% of restaurants not surviving the first year, restaurant marketing has become a crucial component to helping ensure that your restaurant finds success.¹

With proper marketing, you can create the ultimate dining experience for your customers. However, marketing a restaurant is often easier said than done. It takes time, research, and strategy. It’s for these reasons that we recommend seeking out an agency partner to help you achieve your marketing goals.

marketing restaurants

To show you the benefits of working with an agency that has restaurant experience, we gathered a few case studies. These projects cover a variety of services including: branding, marketing strategy, social media, video production, web, and more. See the knowledge an agency could bring to the table below.

Velvet Taco: Web & Marketing Strategy

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Developed by Propaganda 

Propaganda established a strategic foundation and marketing platform to prepare Velvet Taco for national expansion. The challenge was to position the brand for leadership in the specialty taco segment and connecting to their target audience.

Propaganda has also worked with Velvet Taco to develop a comprehensive catering program, including marketing strategy, digital and collateral support and packaging. After implementing this new catering program, Velvet Taco experienced huge success with $10M incremental sales. Check out the project here.

Erik’s DeliCafé: Design Strategy & Branding

marketing restaurants

Developed by Vigor

For over 45 years, Erik’s DeliCafé has been a Santa Cruz/San Jose mainstay. Over the course of its life, the brand became washed out and outdated from its messaging through identity and interior experience. With the help of Vigor, a dedication to collaboration across departments, and a passion for an ideal, they were able to reclaim that California quirkiness.

TGI Friday’s: Social Media & Content Marketing

Developed by Sociallyin

TGI Friday’s wanted something that would resonate with their Bar Heritage. They were searching for something that would not only increase brand awareness through humorous content but also be culturally-relevant and interactive. They introduced the idea of a Elf on the Shelf like campaign, officially named “The Shaker on the Bar”. The concept was there but it lacked micro content ideas and production.

Westville Restaurant: Web & Design Strategy

marketing restaurants

Developed by Ruckus

Westville is a well-regarded restaurant in the culinary world for fresh, farm-to-table quality. Ruckus developed a simple and clean digital presence true to the brand, incorporating online ordering for a user-friendly site that mirrored the Westville brand.

COBS Bread: Web & Social Media

Developed by Major Tom

COBS Bread (Baker’s Delight) is the world’s most successful bakery franchise with more than 700 locations worldwide. As COBS continues its expansion across the country, they were seeking to partner with a strategic agency that can support its growing digital efforts.

Since August 2017, Major Tom has been leading all digital marketing and advertising for COBS Bread, including brand, creative, and media, as well as evolving the brand’s social channels to highlight the company as a prominent and growing brand. Major Tom also built a new website in order to deliver a more personalized customer experience to drive the growth of the brand.

Savage Burrito: Naming & Web

restaurant marketing - savage burrito

Developed by Response Marketing 

In the midst of the pandemic, Uncle Julio’s Restaurant Group saw the opportunity to develop a virtual, delivery-only brand. Using their kitchens to expand their offering to include bold, fresh, crave-able burritos delivered straight to them. Response Marketing worked with them to develop and launch a brand new concept, Savage Burrito.

Response Marketing has also worked with Uncle Julio’s to relaunch their website. Check out the project here.

A Canadian Pub: Digital Strategy & Mobile

Developed by Propellant Media 

A local pub in Canada was tired of the past marketing strategies they implemented. They utilized social media, direct media, and even billboard advertising. As a 20 year old restaurant, the company became a stable in the area, but tourists and locals are always looking for new spots and options to choose from.

The team at Propellant Media created a high targeted geofencing plan that included some site retargeting and geofencing advertising. Over the course of 5 days, the client experienced a 300% increase in foot traffic from those geofenced locations.

Finding the Right Recipe

There is so many different marketing opportunities that your restaurant could explore. In order to properly navigate all these opportunities, we highly suggest you start by consulting with a professional.

With Agency Spotter, it’s easier than ever to find your next agency partner. Search by location, service, budget, industry experience, and so much more.



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