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Is your web design agency made of digital natives?

Not all digital agencies are created equal. Some agencies have digital in their bones, they are made up of digital natives. Many may not even know that before 1989, there was no such thing as the web, let alone know who invented the world-wide web. Those that know it, probably grew up hacking, or at least playing video games, on an early Apple, Texas Instruments, or Commodore 64 computer. The rest of the digital natives grew up with things like Pokémon and may even be playing Pokémon Go right now. (Pro-Poké Tip: Set a Pokéman Lure Module in your conference room to see who shows up.)

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Feature photo by: Nick Webb of Sir Tim Berners-Lee live-tweeting from the London Olympics, “This is for everyone” on 28 July 2012.