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LinkedIn has become a core social networking site for B2B. By carefully nurturing your LinkedIn social media strategy your brand can generate leads, make connections, and drive brand awareness. It’s for all of these reasons that this tool should be a key component of you B2B digital marketing strategy. 


Industry Leaders At Your Fingertips

Jeremy Nettles, VP of Social Media at Dalton emphasizes that, “LinkedIn is a very underrated platform, especially for B2B centric brands, and it is well positioned for promoting thought leadership among executives and industry influencers.”

In fact, a 2019 study found that there are 630 million LinkedIn users. And of those, 90 million LinkedIn users are senior level influencers while 63 million are in decision-making positions.¹ This social networking site was built with B2B marketers in mind.

“LinkedIn is a very underrated platform, especially for B2B centric brands, and it is well positioned for promoting thought leadership among executives and industry influencers.”

     – Jeremy Nettles, VP of Social Media, Dalton

Lead Generation

It’s also a great platform to discover leads. According to HubSpot, this platform is 277% more effective at generating leads than Twitter and Facebook. Meanwhile, B2B marketers report that 80% of their social media leads come from LinkedIn.²

Keep reading to learn a few tactics that will allow you to take better utilize LinkedIn’s ability to generate leads.


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Content Is King

LinkedIn is the site that will put your content in front of the viewers that matter most to your company. By mentioning relevant and interesting content, your business has the ability to find potential customers. In addition to this, you have the potential to drive traffic to your blog or website.

There is a variety of different content that you can post on your LinkedIn page, but just like every other social network, there are some types of content that do better than others.

Five types of content you should be sharing:

  1. Videos including the new LinkedIn Live
  2. Images that include a statistic
  3. Important company updates
  4. Relevant blog posts
  5. Trending industry news

Creating sponsored content or ads is another great option to help promote your company across the site. 

A Thoughtful Business Page

Stand out from the the millions of other business pages on the site by creating one that will captive viewers. We’ve all heard how important first impressions are, so make sure your page is designed to impress.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when creating or editing your page:

  1. Create a concise and compelling company description
  2. Use a header image that grabs attention
  3. Have employees connect with your page

Seek Leads

In addition to your leads finding you, LinkedIn provides you with the ability to find leads as well. The site offers the tool InMail which is a customized way for you to connect with people outside of your network. This is a great option because it sends a personal message directly your targets’ LinkedIn inbox.

Image Credit: LinkedIn

For InMail messages, it’s advised that these messages are personable and concise. They should also pertain to the recipient. The best InMail messages focus on how the business’s services will benefit that individual. 

Authenticity Matters

Even though LinkedIn is a B2B platform, it’s still important to use it as a way to humanize your brand. One of the easiest ways to do this is by sharing relevant content and engaging with other users.

“No customer wants to see all promotional content…”

     – Bailey Thompson, Marketing Manager, Response Media

When asked what do customers look for in a brands social media profile, Bailey Thompson, Marketing Manager at Response Media, stated, “Authenticity. No customer wants to see all promotional content…” 

A majority of users are seeking to engage with content and have an authentic conversation. The key is for brands to be both authentic and effective, which is something that can be rather difficult to balance. Brands should remain authentic while also providing value based on their experience and insights.

Learn From These Brands

One of the greatest ways to learn is by example. There are hundreds of brands successfully utilizing LinkedIn as a way to progress their business, but the brands below stand out from the crowd. 


Deloitte is an example of a brand that does a great job of maintaining an active presence. They post content throughout the day as well as publish a wide range of relevant topics.

Other topics they post include:

  • Industry trends
  • Thought leadership
  • The life of an employee

Image Credit: Deloitte’s LinkedIn

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Amazon is one of the many big name companies using LinkedIn to tap a variety of niche audiences. Here is an example of just a few of their affiliated pages.


Image Credit: LinkedIn

This is a great strategy for companies that span a wide range of sectors. This allows Amazon to post the appropriate information on the appropriate pages. This extremely important because it prevents spamming on one single page. 

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Verizon is a prime example of a brand employing thoughtful self-promotion on LinkedIn. As can be seen in the image below, they often use the site to promote their role in corporate social responsibility. 

Image Credit: Verizon’s LinkedIn

In addition to showcasing social responsibility, Verizon shares heartwarming motivation Monday posts. This helps humanize there feed as it allows followers to better understand what this company is all about.

Image Credit: Verizon’s LinkedIn

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Keep In Mind

If you aren’t already doing the things mentioned above, then your brand is missing out on some amazing opportunities. LinkedIn is an extremely effective channel and should be a part of every B2B digital marketing plan. 

It’s important to remember that the more you put into LinkedIn the more you will get out of it. However, developing a thoughtful strategy can take time, and here at Agency Spotter we are well aware that not every business on LinkedIn has a social media guru they can look to for guidance. If you’re interested in finding an agency to help you up your LinkedIn game, then be sure to check out our agencies that specialize in B2B and LinkedIn


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