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When it comes to social media marketing Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are often viewed at the primary platforms. However, there are many other platforms that are underrated and not being fully utilized. One of these underrated social networks is Pinterest.

It is a very brand-friendly site, and should always be considered when building a marketing plan.



Pinterest…A Whole New World

Pinterest offers a whole new world of marketing opportunities for businesses. There are roughly 200 million monthly users on Pinterest and they are hungry for pinnable items.1 Brands who do utilize this social network have the opportunity of reaching a unique audience, one that isn’t found on many other social platforms.

“In only a couple years, Pinterest has evolved from a managed service platform, to a full-blown dynamic self-service tool for our brands.”

– Becca Mensing, Social Media Analyst, Hangar12

Becca Mensing, Social Media Analyst at Hangar12 highlights, “In only a couple years, Pinterest has evolved from a managed service platform, to a full-blown dynamic self-service tool for our brands. Time and time again we’ve tested Pinterest video placements against our other always-on Social platforms, and Pinterest has repeatedly taken the lead in cost and view-ability KPIs.” 

Audience Breakdown

This platform is extremely popular with the millennial generation. In fact, it’s estimated that 1 in 2 US millennials use Pinterest.1 When compared to the popular social platforms Twitter and Snapchat, there are more US millennial women utilizing Pinterest.

One of the most unique aspects of Pinterest users is seen with their household income. A large portion of pinners, nearly 40%, have a household income of over $100,000.2 All of these things make Pinterest the ideal social site for brand marketing.

Gender Inclusive

Despite common belief, both men and women use Pinterest. Even though 79.5% of users are women, men are joining the pinning frenzy every single day. It’s estimated that 50% of new users are male.5


The Next Search Engine

Pinterest is a powerful search engine that allows users to do more than just search for textual information.

It is essentially a go-to shopping app. This platform helps pinners learn new things while finding things they can purchase.

Anne Summa, Social Media Strategist at E29 Marketing explains that this platform is a great option for a visual campaign. Anne said, “…if your brand is very visual and you’re targeting female Millennials, then Instagram or Pinterest may be the right fit.”

Does It Lead To Purchases?

The simple answer is yes, many Pinterest pins do actually lead to a purchase. Users on this platform are often searching for inspiration or evaluating potential purchases. Pinners find it extremely helpful when brands post pins.

Here are some quick purchase related statistics showing the benefits of a brand utilizing this platform:

  • 50% of pinners have made a purchase after seeing a promoted pin
  • 90% of weekly users use it to buying decisions 
  • 55% of users are looking for a specific product

Other than purchases, it allows organic brand exposure. Many users often discover a new brand while utilizing it.3

Bang For Your Buck

Many of the commonly used social platforms offer brands the opportunity to advertise as a way to expand their reach. Pinterest is no different than those more traditional platforms as they have successfully integrated advertising options for brands.

According to research, a dollar spent on a Pinterest ads can lead to $2 in profits. In fact, Pinterest often surpasses the other social marketing channels. It delivers an effective ROI than the other platforms.1

Brands Successfully Using Pinterest

There is one common denominator among successful brands on social media. Research. Through research, the brands below have found creative ways to dominate Pinterest.

Building A Lifestyle

Birchbox, a monthly beauty subscription service, is one of the many brands doing a great job to reach new consumers on Pinterest. 

Bailey Thompson, Marketing Manager at Response Media, explains that customers are looking for authenticity on a brands social media: “Show the good, bad, and everything in between.”

Instead of utilizing this platform to simply push their product, Birchbox connects with their potential customers by offering solutions other than just their own product. Birchbox isn’t just building a brand, but rather promoting a lifestyle. 


SEO For The Win

When asked what are some creative ways brands have taken advantage of an underrated platform this is what Mensing of Hangar12 had to say, “Recipes, recipes, recipes.”

And, this is exactly what Starbucks is doing. They are great at tailoring their pin captions to contain keywords that users would be likely to search for. In addition to this, most of what they pin is original content. By clicking on these pins, individuals are then redirected to Starbucks website. 

Mensing elaborated that Pinterest is the perfect platform for brands aiming to provide, “…entry-level foodies with the inspiration and guidance needed to make an unforgettable dish.”

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DIY Galore

The Home Depot is feeding into the Pinterest majority who are often on the hunt for DIY and craft related projects. Their boards are full of housing inspiration as well as home projects for every part of the home. Their account is similar to Starbucks in that they also post a lot of original content as well. 

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Need Help With Social Media

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