Marketing 101 As Told By Stranger Things

Netflix original series Stranger Things is undeniably a global success. The recent release of season three has viewers continuing to fall deeper in love with the characters and the story. But, one of the greatest things that come with Stranger Things is their unique marketing initiatives. Keep reading to see how Stranger Things is utilizing marketing to make the TV show stand out unlike any other. 

Don’t worry if you haven’t watched Stranger Things or season three. This article contains NO spoilers, just marketing.

Stranger Things Marketing

Products, Products Everywhere

Stranger Things Marketing

Image Credit: Netflix

In previous seasons, the product placement was a little less in your face. For season three, Stranger Things had a very aggressive promotion campaign that involved partnerships with 75 different brands. Some of these brands are more obvious than others. Burger King and Smirnoff are some of the most obvious ones from this season, however, there is no denying that Coca-Cola’s New Coke is the most recognizable one of them all.

There are many people arguing that there is too much product placement; however, from a marketing standpoint, this product placement and partnerships have allowed for an ingenious marketing scheme.

The Most Obvious Of Them All – New Coke

Season three of Stranger Things takes place in the summer of 1985. The timeline of this season made it ideal for a New Coke partnership as it was 34 years ago in 1985 that Coca-Cola introduced this beverage.

Stranger Things Marketing

Image Credit: Netflix

For those who may not be aware, when New Coke went to market, it wasn’t exactly a hit. In fact, Coca-Cola lost millions of dollars when they replaced the classic Coca-Cola with the sweeter New Coke. So, why would you bring back a failed product just for a TV set in the 80s?

Think about it. Nostalgia does well in marketing. According to a recent study, nostalgia makes people spend more money.¹ 

And, if you look at this product placement and partnership from one key angle, you will see why it was brilliant. The show’s primary viewership is between the ages 18 to 29. Since they weren’t around for the launch of New Coke, they are accepting the revival of New Coke with open arms.  This partnership was honestly brilliant for both Stranger Things and Coca-Cola as it intrigues their target audience.

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Social Media #Wins

If you haven’t checked out Netflix’s social media platform, you are truly missing out (and this goes for Stranger Things as well). Belly laughing memes and content curated specifically for the release of season three is all over their feeds. Netflix uses social media really well because unlike most TV shows who use it just up until the release of the product, they continue to provide engaging content. This is such an amazing yet simple strategy. By continuing to post after the initial release, they allow the conversation to continue on. Let me explain:

The diehard series’ fans binge-watched all of season three’s episodes the moment it began streaming on July 4th. However, they continue to release new content days later as a way to keep interacting with their most loyal fans. By continuing to promote it they also are convincing more individuals that this is a show they must watch. Below is a fan-favorite. This video was released three days after the season became available on Netflix, which keep in mind is more than 48 hours after the most dedicated fans finished watching it.

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Bringing The Show To Life

Over the three seasons, the show has worked with various brands and agencies to make elements of the show a reality. And, this season is no different. Keep on reading to see how Stranger Things’ season three continues to gain traction through these unique marketing ploys.

Stranger Thing Marketing

Image Credit: Baskin Robbins

I Scream For Ice Cream

If you did watch the show, you are probably a #scooptroop fan for life! Among many of the unique aspects of the show brought to life has to be Scoops Ahoy. Baskin Robbins and their agency of record 22Squared partnered with Netflix to bring this charming 80s ice cream parlor to life. 

A California Baskin Robbins location will be the nautical themed Scoops Ahoy until July 14.² In addition to this pop-up shop, many of the stores across the country will serve, USS Butterscotch, the ice cream flavor seen throughout the season. 

This Stranger Things marketing tactic gives fans the opportunity to take a step and relive some of their favorite moments from this season.

Who You Gonna Call? Murray Bauman!

Stranger Things Marketing

Image Credit: Netflix

If you’ve seen either season two or three, then you are very familiar with Murray Bauman AKA cupid. In case, you’re racking your brain trying to remember exactly which character check the image to the left.

You can now interact with the beloved private investigator-conspiracy theorist Murray by simply dialing his phone number which was revealed at one point during the season. Give 618-625-8313 a call if you wish to hear an unusual message on Murray’s answering machine.³

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