Low budget, high impact agency services marketers need to know

Only have $5,000 in your wallet? Maybe $20,000? With careful research, you can find an agency to meet your goals no matter what your budget may be.

Check out a few of these budget-friendly services that won’t break the bank.

A Quick Rebranding

Consider a creative agency who has the ability to help rebrand certain aspects of your company despite a limited marketing budget. Working alongside the right agency can help set your brand apart from the competition and promote brand recognition.

CMA Brand Presence & Design has proven that a small budget won’t deter results. Ben Denbigh, CMA Design sales manager, lists a few of the budget-friendly branding services offered by their agency.

small budget
It’s important to note that $20,000 wouldn’t get you this entire project.
  • Develop a brand toolkit and brand position statement
  • Logo design, exploration, and extension
  • Line extension – extending design in to new product areas
  • Phase 1 concept creation – the initial design study

CMA Design works with budgets of all sizes. Last year they worked with an emerging brand to develop a logo with a small marketing budget.

This project initially started as a logo study. To see more about this project visit CMA Design’s website here.

The Power of Social Media

Social Media marketing is another great option for brands working with a smaller budget. This is a great way to bring in revenue and increase your audience with less out front costs than you would have with other marketing techniques.

Sociallyin is just one example of a social media agency that has the capability of delivering results without costing a fortune.

Tausif Hossain, Sociallyin SEO Manger, explains that social media marketing should always be considered for a smaller budget, “With paid advertising, you can make a small investment and see results fairly quickly, which means that with continued reinvestment and proper handling, you’ll be on the way to success in no time.”

Sociallyin clients range from up and coming businesses to larger well-known companies.

 “With paid advertising, you can make a small investment and see results fairly quickly, which means that with continued reinvestment and proper handling, you’ll be on the way to success in no time.”

– Tausif Hossain, SEO Manager, Sociallyin

Sociallyin has done social media marketing and paid advertising for companies with a budget less than $2,000. Hossain explains that the budget size doesn’t determine results, rather that great results are simply a matter of the working with the right team and having some patience.

small budget

SGK Landscaping had advertisements made with a low budget.

Videography – A Powerful Tool

Video is an extremely impactful way to tell a story. There are many factors that determine how much the video will cost. Concept, timetable, and editing are just a few components that will determine price.

Despite the price, videography has the potential to yield many great benefits. A well-produced video has the ability to educate and increase conversions.

Creative Deviants aims to engage, entertain, educate, and inspire by producing audience-driven content. Since Creative Deviants is both an agency and production this gives them the ability to work with their clients’ budget.

Simple Booth produced this with a budget of $5,000. 

Cocoon Cam had this video produced with a budget of $12,000. 

Content Drives Everything

Utilize the money you do have to find an agency that will create valuable, relevant, and consistent information to create a profitable customer action. Content marketing helps to build trust and awareness among your audience. This is a worthwhile investment because it will also allow your business to generate leads.

Here are some examples of high performing content:

  • Blogs
  • Infographics
  • Case studies
  • Long form articles

Misconceptions & Expectations

Do you have a smaller brand? If so, don’t be too quick to dismiss well-established agencies. Marketers often have the perception that they don’t have the budget to afford a well-known agency, but that’s not necessarily the case. Every project is different and every brand is going to require different amounts of work. That being said, it never hurts to reach out to those established brands to see what they have to offer.

During the process of contacting and working with agencies, it’s important to properly manage your expectations. Sometimes it can be hard to remain realistic when there are limited resources. Having a conversation about the budget from the get-go is highly encouraged to ensure that both the client and agency are on the same page as creative abilities and results.

It’s also important to note that larger companies are going to have difficulties reaching their audiences with a smaller budget. In order to reach specific audiences, you might need to spend a few more bucks.

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