5 Questions to Ask Your Next Branding Agency

Welcome to 5Qs, a series highlighting the must-ask questions for a successful agency search. Let’s find your next branding agency together.

5 Questions To Ask Your Next Branding Agency
Building and maintaining a brand can be tricky. Some great brands seem accidental: the now-iconic Nike Swoosh was the $35 production of a freelance graphic design student. You may not be that lucky. Take control of your brand’s competitiveness with one of the top branding agencies on Agency Spotter. Use our search capabilities to quickly find yourself with a set of shortlisted agencies. Then run through these questions with each candidate during the pitch process to find the best steward of your brand.

1. Why are you interested in working with my brand?

Even paper clips can be exciting to the right branding agency. Listen carefully to each agency’s response to this question, with an ear for genuine knowledge of your product/service and industry. What you hear should resonate with you. In addition to articulating your brand’s future potential, potential agencies should have a strong grasp on the current state of your brand’s image, personality and attributes.

2. Can you walk me through your strategic process?

Any agency worth its salt should cite at least two steps: 1) research and 2) creative. How does the agency gather information they need for the creative process? Are there unique aspects to their research? Is the research process thorough? Beware the agency that promises you a new logo tomorrow. Branding is more than a logo, it’s a strategic endeavor.

3. How will you defend my brand from my biggest competitor?

Your brand is your fortress, and the best fortresses are built with specific enemies in mind. While discussing eroding consumer loyalty is all the rage these days, that doesn’t mean you should abandon your branding efforts. Quite the opposite. You want a branding agency that examines the competitive landscape of your industry and helps you stake your ground.

4. How have you successfully cultivated brand identity for past clients?

Of course you want an agency with a good track record. So ask about how their work translated into increased customer acquisition, loyalty, or sales. Have they handled situations like yours before and what were the results? Those results could be yours.

5. Who will be on my team?

Branding has a lot to do with personality, and the process should be fun. Spend some time with the people who may become quite intimate with your brand. If you don’t jive with them during the pitch, that disconnect may not dissipate when the rubber hits the road.

Your Brand Needs Help…

…and Agency Spotter makes finding great help fast and easy. Going through an initial branding or a rebranding process can be intense. You’re taking a magnifying glass to your brand’s strategy, values, vision, design, communication, promise to consumers and market position.

But finding the right branding agency shouldn’t be a headache. With Agency Spotter, it isn’t. Sign-up and search today; your brand will thank you.

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