3 Ways Agency Search is Like March Madness

March Madness


Conducting a successful agency search can feel as daunting as filling out a perfect March Madness bracket. It doesn’t have to.

The same tension that comes with searching for a new agency comes with March Madness. The competition in your office bracket pool is fierce and the stakes are high. Your reputation and a decent amount of cash is on the line. So, you hunker down and give it your best shot. We looked at the similarities between the two and realized that a game-changer is needed. Here’s why:

1. There are lots of contenders.

If you thought picking a winner from 68 teams is hard, try searching through 120,000 agencies to find the right one! Like the range of teams in the Big Dance, there are agencies of all sizes and backgrounds, dispersed all over the country. Some focus on big budget work and are recognized on a national level. Other agencies could be considered dark horses, doing great campaigns in smaller markets. How do you identify agencies that have expertise in your industry? Or have experience reaching Millennials? Keep reading.

2. Picking a winner is an intensive process.

Hardcore March Madness fans have encyclopedic knowledge on the field of teams. We’re still waiting to meet the person who has that much knowledge about every agency in the US. If you’re not a devout follower of men’s college basketball, filling out a respectable bracket requires hours of research (or secretly hiring Nate Silver). Even then, you’re leaving a lot to chance. Searching for the right agency used to be that intensive, until Agency Spotter came along. Select your search parameters, hit “Search,” and see agencies that meet your requirements. Check out agency portfolios highlighting industry experience and past projects. Just like filling out your bracket during the Elite 8 round, your chances of victory increase dramatically. Get ready to savor the glory.

3. There can only be one winner.

The goal of your agency search is to find a partner that best fits your marketing needs. March Madness uses the single-elimination model to create an awesomely competitive level of play. The result is crowning a single national champion from 68 teams in three weeks. Competition between agencies is no less intense, yet finding a winning agency takes significantly longer. Does agency search have to take so long? Not when you can quickly and easily search agencies and develop a competitive shortlist on Agency Spotter!

Take That, Nate Silver.

With Agency Spotter, marketers have an advantage over March Madness bracketology when it comes to finding a winning team (sorry basketball fans). Sign-up and start searching today to find yourself a champion of an agency. Related articles:

Claire Wallace