The Right Creative Agency May Be Someplace Unexpected

When we were designing Agency Spotter, we talked with marketers from brands big and small to learn all about their process for finding and selecting a creative agency.

We sat side-by-side to hear what info is crucial to their decision making, which info they spend the most time searching for and what info they wish they could find about an agency.

And since launch, we’ve heard back from the marketing community that Agency Spotter is doing a great job helping them “spot” the right agency partner, saving them valuable time and helping to avoid common frustrations. But we want to do even more.

New Yorker

Many people don’t know much about the agencies outside of their own market or they assume their business is too small or not “sexy” enough to be interesting to the NYC/SF/LA agency scene. So, we’ve decided to help marketers see past these common frustrations.

We will be introducing a series of posts and experiences giving you an intimate profile of the agency scene in a specific location.

Now, where to start?

Since we were set in helping marketers overcome misconceptions, the answer seemed obvious to us: Flyover Country. The region of the U.S. sandwiched between the two coasts often gets lumped together in over-used, dated, and out-of-touch humor.

Armed with a Nice Ride, camera, and plenty of water, we set out to profile the creative agency scene in Minneapolis affectionally known as MPLS.

Agency Spotter MPLS

Follow us as we share our journey to the Land of 10,000 Lakes where we got up-close-and-personal with advertising, design, digital, PR, and research firms across the city.

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