5 Ways To Shake Up Agency Search

In creating Agency Spotter, we have set out to organize the creative services industry and the landscape of agencies around the world. By creating the first digital marketplace connecting brands and creative agencies, we’ve increased transparency and removed the barriers that keep marketers from finding better agencies with a smarter agency search.

It may sound lofty to some, but, at its heart, our mission is to save everyone time and money.

The average agency search used to take 3 to 6 months.

Make ageny search easy with Agency SpotterWe’re changing that. Whether you’re doing an agency search across digital, advertising, design, research or one of the other service areas we cover, we’re going to make it fast and easy for you to find the right agency.

Only 33% of CMOs are happy with their agency roster.

We think that is unacceptable. We’re building tools that leverage your networks and make sense of the overwhelming amount of information out there to help marketers make more confident decisions.

5 Ways Agency Spotter makes agency search easier:

  1. Search the world’s agencies — we are building a comprehensive directory to search the more than 120,000 US agencies and the hundreds of thousands around the globe too.
  2. Find agencies by what they’re great at — marketers want to know what an agency is great at, so we have limited the number of core services agencies can select.
  3. Get to a shortlist quickly — you can build lists of agencies you use and watchlists for ones you’re considering so it is easy to compare them at the end of the day.
  4. Get the inside scoop on each agency — Using LinkedIn, you can now see who in your network is connected to the agencies on your shortlist, so you can get more insight on finding the right agency fit.
  5. Connect with agencies and make a selection — Whether you prefer to call or email, we’re bringing all the information together in an easy to use format so you can reach out to agencies and decide with confidence.

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With the shift from all-in-one service providers to more specialized agencies and the explosion of digital, the landscape for agency search has never been more complex. Agency Spotter is building a place where it’s easy to compare apples to apples. And, since there is less time wasted trying to find agencies, you can spend more time getting to know the ones on your short list so you select the right partner.

We believe there are better, faster ways for brands to discover new agencies, vet them, and start a new partnership with more confidence than ever before. Try a search and see how easy it is.

Help us reinvent agency search. Go search, select and share.

Agency Spotter is the fast and easy agency recommendation engine. Take your agency search from months to minutes across digital, advertising, design, research and much more.

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