8 Top User Experience Agencies from the 2013 UX Awards

We are featuring eight of the top user experience agencies across digital from the 2013 UX Awards. Each has lots of great thinking and design, ranging from a digital media transformation out of Norway to a physical installation creating a fun iPad wall for Puma and from re-imagining USAToday.com to research and redesign of Cessna’s website.

The UX Awards are a celebration of great digital user experience and award winners were announced during a ceremony in New York on May 21, 2013. To learn more about these or check out other top UX design firms, log-in and search smarter on Agency Spotter.

Top User Experience Agencies at the UX Awards

Cava Interactive – User Experience Agency
Cava won Gold Prize for Best Digital Media Transformation for their Helsingin Sanomat Digital Transformation entry. The transformation brought a best-of-class result for the largest subscription newspaper in Finland across online, radio, TV, and print.
Cavat Digital Redesign - Helsingin Sanomat

Schema Design – User Experience Agency
Schema won Gold Prize for Best Social Learning Platform they designed for Actively Learn. Two-thirds of eighth graders cannot understand what they read. The goal of this design is to transform reading and comprehension with an open framework that empowers teachers and students to author content that helps bring the text to life.
Schema Design - Actively-Learn

Digitas – Digital Strategy Agency
Digitas won Silver for Best UX Research Process for the Cessna “We Have Your Jet” experience. Redesigned from the ground up, the final site is both striking and immersive. Watch the video to get a sense of the rigor that went into the research and redesign to help Cessna have a modern, high-end appeal across their digital presence.
Digitas - Cessna Web Redesign

EffectiveUI – User Experience Agency
Winning Bronze for Most Pervasive Use of Data, EffectiveUI solves data reporting for non-profit, Water For People. When you’re running an international nonprofit that is improving access to water and sanitation systems, being able to report on your progress is critical to success. EffectiveUI created a reporting platform that provides a completely new and transparent way for Water For People to manage data, improve its outcomes and prove its efficacy to stakeholders.
EffectiveUI - Water-for-People

Fi – Web Agency
Fi was mentioned for their redesign of USAToday.com in order to provide a more natural, page turning, and uninterrupted reading experience across platforms.
Fi - USA Today

kbs + Spies & Assassins – Advertising Agency
Bringing a unique digital experience into the store can be challenging, but kbs and Spies & Assassins teamed up to deliver Puma just that with the Joypad Wall.

HUGE – Digital Strategy Agency
Working with American Express to improve the consumer digital acquisition journey, Huge helped transform the experience using storytelling to create an emotional connection between prospects and Cardmembers.
HUGE - American Express

R/GA – Advertising Agency
R/GA was tapped by Nike to bring to life a device that tracks your daily activity paired with a compelling user experience. The experience makes it easy to set goals and see progress going from red to green.
R/GA - Nike Fuel

For the 2013 UX Awards, expert jurors included Robyn Peterson (CTO at Mashable), Anders Ramsay (UX Author and Agile UX Coach), Chris Jaffe (Director of Innovation at Netflix), Cindy Jeffers (CEO/CTO at Salon.com), Cory Lebson (Principal at Lebsontech), John Payne (Principal at Moment Design), Lis Hubert (UX Consultant and IXDA New York leader), Tomer Sharon (Author and Senior UX Researcher at Google) and hosted by Beverly May (Founder/President of Oxford Technology Ventures and President of NYC-CHI).


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