The Fastest Way to a Better Agency Shortlist

The fastest way to a better agency shortlist is simple: use your network effectively.

Personal recommendations are the most trusted decision-making tool, from hiring a plumber to buying a new pair of socks. The same goes for selecting a creative agency. But how to do you get the information you need without spamming your address book with a general inquiry? We have the answer.

Those Simpler Times…

No Don Draper

In the days of Mad Men, everyone knew who the agency movers-and-shakers were. Compiling a shortlist was as easy as having a martini with lunch. Ah, the good old days.

As the agency world grew more complex and diversified, an assortment of agency directories popped-up in response to help organize the increasingly complex landscape. But these lists lacked the information marketers needed and were often poorly designed, offering no relief from the time-consuming process. With no other option, marketers were forced to rely on their network more than ever. Once everyone’s network multiplied exponentially with social media, asking “What’s the best ad agency?” was like yelling into a dark and empty hallway (see: the 1% rule). The result was a few unqualified responses with no real way for marketers to validate and prioritize recommendations. Frustration ensued.

Instead of getting easier, agency search got more difficult and took even longer. On average, brands are spending three to six months to find their next agency. Ouch! Opportunity cost anyone?

Dawn of a New Day in Agency Search (Cue Drumroll)

agency search evolution

No matter the era, marketing services is a people-based business where relationships matter. So instead of attempting to remove the networking component, Agency Spotter has simply enhanced the information marketers look for in their search: what the agency says it does well and what others say about the agency.

Skip the mass email to your network. Searching on Agency Spotter allows you to immediately start exploring agencies that meet your criteria and get answers to those initial questions your network can’t always answer, such as:

  • Does this agency have the area of expertise I need?
  • Does this agency fit my budget range?
  • I want an independent agency in or near Dallas, TX. What are my choices?
  • Did this agency previously work with one of my competitors?

Take it further by signing into Agency Spotter with your LinkedIn credentials to see how you’re professionally connected to each agency. When you want a recommendation from your network, all it takes is a single email to that former colleague, client, or business partner. A shortlist is now only a few clicks away. Now, wasn’t that efficient?

Welcome to Agency Search 3.0!

At the end of the day, there’s nothing like a recommendation from someone you trust to squash the anxiety that comes with having too many choices. Start your agency search on Agency Spotter to quickly focus on a handful of agencies that meet your needs. Then you can dig deep into the collective intelligence of your professional network, narrowing down to a shortlist with confidence. The result is a faster agency search, minus the unanswered mass emails. How will you celebrate you success? We recommend a martini.

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Claire Wallace