10 Must Read #Marketing Tweets You Missed Last Week

must read marketingThere’s a hashtag for everything.

Looking for marketing advice? Tips for Mother’s Day gifts? Deep, opinionated dives into the NFL Draft? Twitter has you covered. For your benefit, we pulled out some of last week’s best advice-packed tweets, a few examples of brands like Ford and Old Spice piggy-backing on trending topics, and the geographical distribution of hipsters and bros in New York City. You don’t want to miss this.


Great Advice from the Twitterverse

We all want to be better at our jobs and at life. This tweet applies to both:

For those of you searching for Your Next Great Job, The Drum can help you.

Thinking about starting your own design agency? Read this “blooming brilliant” article for Design Week first:

Already got your dream job? Then some simple tips from last week’s conference circuit.

The American Marketing Association can prevent your A/B website tests from killing kittens.

Effective writing is a topic near and dear to our hearts. This quick read hits the nail on the head.

In the World of Brands…

Here are three great examples of brands leveraging the events of last week to their benefit. Nike Basketball went simple and powerful with Kevin Durant’s NBA MVP award.

Ford jumped on the #NFLDraft2014 bandwagon:

Old Spice lent its quirkiness to Mother’s Day, posting sponsored video content on BuzzFeed.

Moment of Zen

Before you dive into another week, take a moment to appreciate this intersection of social media, data analysis and geography.

Until Next Week…

We hope you land that great job, write beautifully, buy a Ford and tweet about hipsters this week. Let us know if you do.

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Claire Wallace