11 Pups With Creative Agency Credentials

Sometimes the best help has four legs and a wet nose.

Agency pooches are the crème de la crème of the domestic canine set and it takes pretty impressive skills to make the cut. Not only do these pups listen when you complain about deadlines and reduce the crumb count under your desk, they also lend their expertise to media buys, brand positioning, and product design (preferably chew toys). Without further ado, meet eleven savvy office pups who help their humans do great work.

Mari, C-Woof-O at Prolific Interactive

Prolific Pup
Mari is always lending the recruiting team a paw by scouting out new talent! Be sure to introduce yourself should you be sniffing around the streets of Brooklyn.

Sasha, Assistant to the Creative Department at Brand Fever

Brand Fever Pup
Sasha has been known to take over the controls and show her humans how it’s done. Protests are futile against those beautiful chocolate brown eyes and serious InDesign skills!

Chippy, Director of Intern Procurement at Squeaky Wheel

squeak wheel pup

This pup may be made of porcelain but that doesn’t put a damper on his productivity. Chippy wears lots hats (both literally and figuratively): Director of Intern Procurement, Chief Welcomer, NYC Explorer. Even though he has been stepped on and broken numerous times, he always maintains composure.

Casey, Chief Love Officer & Dexter, Chief Sweeper at BlueFletch Mobile

BlueFletch Pup

Casey and Dexter are half of BlueFletch’s canine team. They do their part to keep their humans focused on all things mobile. Casey thinks deeply about coding…

BlueFletch Pup

…while Dexter herds projects towards completion with a smile.

George Washington, Chief Security Officer and Laser Pointer at Matchstic

Matchstic Pup

Photo credit: Caleb Chancey

With a name like George Washington, you know this office pup has serious leadership skills. Sure enough, Mr. Washington does lend his paw to presentations from time-to-time. But don’t be fooled, those wavy locks don’t interfere with his ability to keep Matchstic’s Atlanta HQ 100% secure.

Sprout, Lila Belle & Brodie, Snack Supervisors at Red Antler

Red Antler Pup

Sprout, special assistant to the Head of Strategy, is all about business. And snacks.

Red Antler Pup

Lila Belle is full of groundbreaking branding ideas. And smiles.

Red Antler PupBrodie is pretty sure he works and parties harder than anyone.

Bella, Chief Napper & Tess, Wheelchair Corgi Extraordinaire at Agency Spotter

Agency Spotter PupProductive pooches are always welcome in the Agency Spotter office. Bella encourages everyone to get proper R&R…

Agency Spotter Pup

…while Tess is rarely impressed by the antics of her human.

Workin’ Like A Dog

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