Yes, You Do Need a Creative Agency

need a creative agencyWhy do you need a creative agency? Three good reasons.

1. Less Risk, More Reward

One day, you may wake up and realize that your company needs to up its marketing game. But the modern world of marketing is a complex place. Hiring a creative agency is one proven way to steer your brand towards marketing success with less risk. Read on to understand all your options.

Hiring a creative agency: Ramp-up time can be quick with a well-briefed agency, and you get a team of experts across capabilities matched to your specific project. Also, hiring an agency gives you a lot of flexibility to manage the workload as project budgets and/or satisfaction with the agency team fluctuates.

Hiring a freelancer: While it may be the least expensive option, the likelihood of finding an individual that possesses all the skills you need could be difficult. Plus, the risk level of relying on an individual contributor is high.

Building an in-house creative department: Many brands take this route when they feel they are well-equipped to recruit, hire, manage, and maintain a full-time creative department. It’s a costly commitment and doesn’t provide a lot of flexibility to scale up or down as marketing dollars flow. It’s easier to fire an unsatisfactory agency than it is an employee.

2. Fresh Perspective

Overcoming a marketing problem often requires fresh perspective. Hiring people who aren’t “drinking your kool-aid” is a great way to get that breath of fresh air. Creative agencies exist to identify and pursue market opportunities that you may have missed. They learn about your brand from the outside-in, devising new ways to reach your customers. Are you feeling constrained by your current marketing formula? Break your brand free with an agency’s guidence.

3. Skillful Execution

Whether you work for a manufacturer, a consulting firm, or an IT provider, your company excels at a its core capabilities. The core capabilities of a creative agency are to think and execute on their clients’ behalf. They execute marketing actions all day long (sometimes all night too). The great agencies already have proven processes in place that allow an engagement to run like a well-oiled machine. From a productivity perspective, it makes sense to partner with the professionals instead of hammering it out on your own. Unless you, and your boss, happen to love marketing inefficiency.

Address the Need

Now that you know you need a creative agency, you’ve got 120,000 to choose from. Worried you’ll succumb to decision fatigue? Don’t! You’ve got Agency Spotter to help your search process. Sign-up and search today with your criteria for the perfect agency partnership to take your marketing to the next level. We promise you won’t miss the kool-aid.

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Claire Wallace