10 Must Read #Marketing Tweets You Missed Last Week

twitterWelcome back to your weekly marketing update from the Twitterverse!

Last week saw the end of April showers and the beginning of May flowers. (Or so hope our waterlogged friends in New York.) On the marketing scene, social media outlets continued to evolve, the value of personal  fitness trackers was debated, and Delta showed its inner trekkie.

Savvy Marketers, Take Note

Tips for your 2015 media buys:

The definition of “cool kid” is changing. Does your brand ambassador program reflect this shift?

BuzzFeed + Digitas = an unlikely marriage?

Agency Spotter’s searchable online collection of creative agencies gives you one less reason to whine!

Ever-Changing #SocialMedia

From disappearing photos to full-fledged messaging, Snapchat evolves:

Mark Zuckerberg turns 30 on May 14th. With age comes wisdom? Evilness? Both?!

Oh, the Irony

Fitness trackers may not be that accurate…

…but they do market well.


Delta goes for humor, with a touch of nerd:

While the L.A. Clippers stay cool in the midst of Donald Sterling’s eviction from the NBA. Their Twitter profile makes a statement too.


Because everyone needs an entertaining distraction to start another week:

Until Next Week…

It was a rough couple of days for Twitter; they just couldn’t get any love from Wall Street. Fortunately, that had no effect on the quality or quantity of tweets. Check back next week for another dose of must read marketing tweets!

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