Golden Retriever vs German Shepard: How To Win At Agency Search

Speed and precision: the key ingredients to finding the best marketing agency. And being canine obedience winner.

Winners have to act fast and minimize mistakes. That’s as true for canine competitors as it is for businesses searching for the best marketing agency possible.

Fortunately for you, Agency Spotter’s search tool helps brands global to local find the right agency with the necessary speed and precision. Think about it: there are 120,000 agencies in the United States alone. How are you going to find one that elevates your marketing strategy above the competition’s?

We defer to two tough competitors, of the canine variety, to illustrate tactics for a winning agency search. Can you guess which one is the winner?

Be the Winner

Finding the best marketing agency for your brand is the ultimate prize. This video shows pretty clearly how focus differentiates the winner from the loser. While the Golden Retriever’s enthusiasm is endearing, his need to stop at every bowl of kibble and toy in his path doesn’t make him the day’s winner. Are you pausing your search to talk to each agency that knocks on your door? Adding new agencies to a shortlist that’s no longer short?

Don’t. Pause. Sit. Stay. And take note of the first dog, the agile German Shepard, who runs a straight line from start to finish. That’s what your agency search should look like.

Distraction Doesn’t Win

Focus on what your company really needs from an agency partner is absolutely necessary. Think industry experience, location, and the like. Use Agency Spotter to keep your focus razor-sharp à la German Shepard. In minutes you’ll have search results tailored to your budget, your industry, and your target audience. Want to see if your LinkedIn network connects to you to prospective agencies? That’s right on each agency’s portfolio page, if you sign-up or sign-in with LinkedIn. Build and share your shortlist of marketing agencies from our platform, streamlining the entire process.

At the end of the day, you’ll be going home with one prize of an agency partner. Your competitors? They get the leftover kibble.

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Claire Wallace