3 Reasons Why This Healthcare Brand Loves Agency Spotter

Hint: Agency Spotter is fast and effective.

Finding the best marketing agency or design firm can be a long, complex process. There is a better way.

Michele Allum, Manager of Marketing Communications at Elekta Healthcare, shares three ways Agency Spotter made her most recent agency search the best yet. Take a minute (literally) to hear what she has to say.

Go Beyond Your Network

Agency Spotter was the right resource for Michele when her network couldn’t recommend the creative partner she needed. Your Rolodex might be full of a zillion contacts in one vertical, but what happens when your creative needs jump from branding to packaging design or from a beverage brand to a CPG? That’s merely one scenario in which Agency Spotter’s agency search engine comes in handy.

But there’s no need to completely abandon your network. Log into Agency Spotter with your LinkedIn account to see how you’re connected to every agency on our platform. Then get the inside scoop from “in-the-know” connections.

Everything You Need, All In One Place

No more clicking between 37 browser tabs of agency websites to find the information you need. Now all the stats you want are on our standardized agency portfolio pages, putting audience specialities, capabilities, projects, client reviews, and office location at your fingertips. Start conversations with the best candidates right from Agency Spotter. Don’t be surprised if you get to an impressive shortlist in record time!

Simple + Easy-To-Use

Agency Spotter was built to meet the needs of marketers like you and Michele. We’ve improved the quality and speed of your agency search, whether you’re at a huge CPG company or a niche B2B.

Find your best marketing agency in minutes!

Get Started!

Ready find your best marketing agency or industrial design partner yet? Start by signing up or logging in to search for exactly what you need. Read reviews from agency clients and add the best candidates to your customizable shortlist. Scan the results and see if you have any LinkedIn connections in common to get the inside scoop. Bask in the glory of finding a partner who will elevate your brand (and your bottom line).

Sounds simple, right? So try Agency Spotter today!

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