Top 25 Cities Looking For Agencies and Design Firms On Agency Spotter

Curious about who is searching for agencies and design firms? Here are the top 25 cities visiting Agency Spotter to look for partners over the last three months.
Top 5 Cities For Agency Search On Agency Spotter

Every month, we’ve been seeing 10,000 and 25,000 marketers diving into our platform. While we consistently see searches from over 60 countries, the density of searchers is highest in the USA and the UK. While New York taking the number one spot for agency searches may not surprise you, a few of the top 25 cities for agency searches may.

Top 25 Cities Users Are Searching For Agencies From

You can click on any of the city names to start your own search for agencies, design studios, research firms and much more. Make sure to check out agencies with customer reviews and start adding your favorite agencies to lists (which can now be customized).

The team and I hope you find new agencies in less time and feel confident deciding on your next partner.


3 Ways To Jump In:

1. Sign up on Agency Spotter so you can do searches, build agency lists, and see how your network is connected to agencies
2. Add agencies to customized lists and make them public to share your expertise (Like this example of Agencies Who Think Different
3. Review an agency you’ve worked with before

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