Exclusive Partner API Launched For The Ad Club Expands Agency Spotter’s Reach

BostonThe Ad Club has launched their online Boston agency directory, powered by Agency Spotter, to benefit its membership. This latest collaboration between The Ad Club and Agency Spotter makes it easy for association members and others across New England to start their agency search right from their local professional network.

The agency directory brings the trade association’s member agencies to life, adding to the existing value of membership. Any visitor to The Ad Club’s website can easily search member agencies with a few clicks.

Integration with Agency Spotter allows marketers to share agency portfolios with their colleagues, see how their network is connected to an agency, and seamlessly manage their search with list-building functionality. It also simplifies portfolio management for agencies where one portfolio can now be leveraged across different association memberships.

Boston MarketingKathy Kiely, president of The Ad Club, acknowledges that one of the biggest challenges to marketers today is the speed at which the industry is changing. The Ad Club’s mission is to help members anticipate change and stay focused on the areas that will help their businesses grow.

“Our goal is to keep our members right on the cutting edge of the industry,” Kiely stated, “and Agency Spotter is such a great tool.”

With brands large and small spending three to six months looking for an agency and searching for partners more frequently than ever before, Agency Spotter saves marketers time, money, and frustration when they search.

“Marketing and creative associations like The Ad Club bring people together, fostering thought leadership and community,” noted Brian Regienczuk, Founder and CEO of Agency Spotter.

The platform also helps marketers decide on partners with more confidence using agency client reviews and bringing their own professional networks to life, an important aspect as people’s careers are changing more frequently than ever.

“Organizing the world of marketing services so it is easier for people to connect and collaborate is core to Agency Spotter’s mission,” Regienczuk added.

The Ad Club and Agency Spotter look forward to helping more marketers discover the depth of creative agency talent in the association’s network. Visit The Ad Club Agency Directory to start your next Boston area agency search, please visit www.adclub.org/Agency-Directory.

For media inquiries and associations interested in learning more about how Agency Spotter is changing the way brands search for partners and decide with more confidence, please contact Claire Wallace at [email protected] or visit the platform to do your own agency search today at www.agencyspotter.com.

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Claire Wallace