See What Keeps 6 Top Marketers Up At Night

Faced with marketing challenges? You’re not alone.

We asked six senior marketers to share the challenges they’re tackling day-in and day-out. From engaging customers with the right content to managing the client-agency relationship, the fast-paced race to stay ahead of the competition creates tough problems to solve for every company.

Can you relate to the challenges faced by The Weather Channel, Bloomberg, and Keds? Odds are you can. Which is why we’re here to help, offering tips that lead to solutions.

Mike HornigoldThe marketing challenges faced by Coca-Cola – Group Director, Emerging Shopper Technologies at The Coca-Cola Company

“The client-agency relationship. No agency can do it all.  The marketing world has become too diverse. Every time we select a new agency, we have to train them in our way of marketing. And when we find an agency we like, we have a tendency to give them too much work and then their output suffers.”

Tip: Our article on the client-agency relationship will help you set up your new agency partner up for success. Because their success, is your success.

The marketing challenge faced by Bloomberg LPElaine Manios – Global Director of Social Media at Bloomberg LP

“The biggest issue I see is how to use data wisely to make smarter business decisions.”

Tip: Big data is a hot topic, and rightfully so. These data analytics experts help brands crunch numbers more effectively.

The marketing challenges faced by Green Mountain CoffeeTJ Whalen – Principal at Whalen Ventures and Former Chief Strategy & Sustainability Officer at Green Mountain Coffee

“Biggest marketing challenge facing any consumer product category is how to evolve fast enough to meet the consumer needs and interests of tomorrow, which are no doubt quite different from today. To win, you have to find ways to disrupt the status quo and shift the game in your favor.”

Tip: A strong innovation agency can help you anticipate the interests of tomorrow and meet the corresponding consumer needs. Start shifting the game in your favor with one of these agencies specializing in innovation.

Chris Lindner – President at KedsThe marketing challenge faced by Keds

“For me, it’s the idea of finding the right balance between content, community and commerce. The best brands today are telling the most engaging stories. They are finding new ways to involve the consumer and connect in such a manner that makes us want to purchase. Each brand will formulate their own mix but we all need to find solutions to drive our business with compelling product, emotional content, and inspirational ways to empower our our communities.”

Tip: How do you empower and connect the communities that touch your brand? Increasingly the answer can be found in the digital space. One of these digital strategy agencies can help you find it.

Joe AndrewsThe marketing challenge faced by Thomson Reuters – VP, Brand and Marcom Strategy at Thomson Reuters

“We are currently trying to leverage our enormous domain expertise and deep wells of content into relevant, brand building content marketing across multiple customer segments.”

Tip: Even when the issue is too much content, a smart content marketing agency can strategically manage and promote the right content to the right audience. Start a conversation with a few strong candidates to see how.

Vicky Whitley WilkensThe marketing challenge faced by The Weather Channel – Senior Director, Television Marketing at The Weather Channel

“The biggest marketing challenge facing the television industry is the ability to target niche audiences vs. mass in the entertainment world with small marketing budgets. How does a network, with lots of competition across the channels, along with a ever changing landscape of video-on-demand and online providers, get their shows to a target audience?”

Tip: A tall order. A savvy market research firm can help marketers improve their segmenting and targeting.

Face Your Next Challenge

The outside perspective of an agency partner often helps brands tackle the marketing challenges they face. While every brand marketer works in different circumstances, you can see the trending issues shared by most marketers like you. Fortunately, finding the right agency doesn’t have to be one of those challenges.

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