10 Creative Gifts For Your Favorite Agency Partner

When you’re hiring agencies, design firms and research partners year after year, you’re also developing awesome relationships with some pretty creative people. You might be getting gifts from those agencies this year. Instead of taking this gesture for granted, return the sentiment!

The best partnerships flow two ways. Isn’t it time you sent a gift of your own to a favorite agency partner? Here are 20 of our best gift ideas for your favorite creative director, account manager or that project manager that always saves your a$$!

EarMuffies with Beats Solo Keep Creatives Happy and Warm

1. Sound + Warmth. EarMuffies with Beats Solo

If they’ve already got Beats Solo on-ear headphones (under $200), then just get them the earmuffies (about $20) in a coordinating color. A fun and thoughtful gift to help them tune out the noise, stay warm and deliver amazing work again and again. Plus, keeping your ears warm while listening to your favorite tunes is kind of a big deal.

Lensbaby LM-10 Sweet Spot Lens for Mobile Instagramers

2. Instagram Much? Lensbaby LM-10 Sweet Spot Lense for Mobile

Know that your favorite agency partner instagrams or is a mobile photo buff? Get them the Lensbaby LM-10 for cool special-effects in a small package at under $70. Bonus, it works for both iPhones and Androids in case you don’t remember which they have!

Porlex Mini Mill Best Traveler Burr Coffee Grinder

3. Needs Killer Coffee. Porlex Mini Stainless Coffee Grinder On-The-Go

If they travel and need the best coffee, then you should get them a Porlex Mini Grinder. It is the best, smallest burr grinder and perfect for travelers.

Parrot MiniDrone to keep that design studio fun

4. Minidrones Are All the Rage. Parrot Minidrone Rolling Spider Keeps It Fun

Imagine the tension breaking fun that your agency could have with one of these. I know I want one, don’t you? Did we mention, that you can control it with your smartphone ($99)?

WakaWaka Power+ for the creative on the go

5. Keep ‘Em Charged. WakaWaka Power+ (Solar rechargeable power supply)

WakaWaka Power+ ($79) is an awsome gift for creatives always on the go. It’s a durable, water-resistant rechargeable battery and light. It has a built-in solar panel, so you can easily charge it if you’re on location filming or doing next season’s photoshoot.

Of course, you can also charge it via USB. It charges a smartphone in about 2 hours and provides up to 150 hours of light on a single charge.

Feel good about gifting this one since the company sends one to “someone in need” with every WakaWaka purchased. Kind of a cool bonus.

Big Sound Small Package To Keep your creative humming

6. Keep The Creative Humming. Oontz XL from Cambridge SoundWorks

The best ideas are set to music, right? Help your digital director stay focused with sound from a large portable bluetooth speaker. It’s got the best sound in this class at under $100 and has lots of killer reviews.

Art in a Bottle

7. Classic. The Gift Of Good Wine

There are plenty of classic gifts to choose from like a bottle of Scotch or some delicious wine. Here are a few wines that made our list: Art in a Bottle (photo above), a trio of Napa Cabs, a delicious single bottle of Criox de Bois, or a Sanford Pinot Noir.

Keep Creative's Cords Organized

8. Keep Creative Organized. Cordito Handmade Leather Cord Wrap

Less entanglements are a good thing. Cordito makes gorgeous handmade leather accessories to keep your tech organized on the go. They come in many colors including black and wine ($45).

War Games tee by stereotype design

9. For Copywriters or Movie Buffs. ’80s Movie Single Sentence Tees

Here’s something for ’80s lovers. Whether Mr. Miyagi and Danielson or Star Wars is their thing, these are worth a look ($28).

Perpetual Disappointments Diary For The Lighthearted Designer

10. Best Cheeky Gift. Perpetual Disappointments Diary.

This one is worth a look, if only to flip through the images on their site. The Perpetual Disappointments Diary has some killer reviews; the London Metro says, “Best. Diary. Ever.” I’m not sure who this gift goes to, but hopefully you’ve got a really, really strong relationship.

It has motivational proverbs (“If ignorance is bliss, why are you so sad?”), useful phrases in a variety of languages (“Do you have any very cheap wine”), and an address book section (People Who Never Call, Imaginary Friends, and Imaginary Enemies). Good stuff for £2 (in UK), £5 EU, or £8 (rest of workd includes postage).

Moleskine notebook

Analog Alternate: Moleskine Notebooks Are Handy For Those Still Writing Things On Paper

These aren’t going to win you client of the year, but it’s the thought that counts. Some of us still like to scribble things on paper and crank through these at a good pace. Tip: Most people prefer the 3.5 x 5 inch size ($10 – 14) and they’re cheap enough you could gift several agency team members.

Happy holidays from the team at Agency Spotter!

We’ll be here throughout the holidays, so feel free to go find your next branding agency or product design firm while you’re sipping (spiked?) cocoa.

We truly wish you a wonderful vacation with friends, family, and/or your loyal K-9 or favorite feline!

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