11 E-Commerce Tactics To End Shopping Cart Abandonment

68% of shoppers abandon their e-commerce shopping carts. Ouch.

Shopping cart abandonment accounts for $18 billion in lost revenue every year. That stings the bottom line a bit, doesn’t it?

Fortunately, there are simple ways you can gain back some of that lost revenue. This infographic shows eleven e-commerce tactics any company can use to stop the flow of revenue out of digital shopping carts. Imagine your sales being 68% higher next year. Sounds like a promotion to us.

E-Commerce Tactics To Reduce Abandoned Carts

11 e-commerce tactics

More Resources For Upping Your E-Commerce Game

Ready to make your e-commerce site the best it can be? Agency Spotter has the resources you need.

First, do yourself a favor and consider enlisting the help of a seasoned agency expert. There are many talented e-commerce agencies that can advise on best practices and ahead-of-the-curve technology. Agency Spotter makes it easy to search and pinpoint the right one.

Once your shortlist is built, vet your candidates using these 5 Questions to Ask Your Next E-Commerce Agency. Asking these questions (from the experts at Portland e-commerce agency Copious) gives you a better sense of each agency’s culture, it’s capabilities, and how they do business. When it comes to finding the perfect partner, all of those factors matter.

(When you do bring on a new agency, reference our tips for building a strong client-agency relationship.)

Ready To Go

Already have an e-commerce agency partner? Keep your team on track to achieving new heights of performance. Schedule a check-in to discuss the ROI-maximizing questions every client should be asking. We already have the right questions ready for you. Best of all, these discussion points come from one smart Director of E-Commerce.

With these resources, you’re ready to go. Let’s start some productive conversations and kiss that 68% abandonment rate goodbye!

Image credit: The Payroll Blog

Claire Wallace