The Secret to a Confident Creative Agency Search

You don’t buy shoes without reading reviews. Your creative agency search shouldn’t be any different.

Picking the right creative partner can seem daunting. There are so many choices and you’ve only got so much time.

You could make a similar statement for shoe shopping on Zappos. But Zappos and Agency Spotter share a quality that eases the decision-making process: buyer reviews. See how a glimpse of creative agency reviews can inform your selection process.

It’s About TrustA client review of Ames Scullin O'Haire

We take a lot of steps to make sure agency reviews are legit. Only registered users can submit a review of their advertising agency or market research firm on Agency Spotter. Bonus: 70% of our users use their LinkedIn account to login and review, giving you a better idea of their credentials. Want more details about their client experience? Reach out to them on LinkedIn!

Let’s not forget you’re making a big decision, one that impacts your brand’s reputation. Here’s your chance to find the creative partner with the necessary integrity.

It’s About Speed

Agency reviews on Agency Spotter help shorten your journey to a shortlist from months to minutes. You can quickly identify which agencies have client feedback by looking for the blue stars on each agency’s portfolio tile. Like what you see? Add that 5-star design firm to your shortlist!

Check out agency reviews on Agency Spotter!

Because the devil is in the details, we ask each reviewer to breakdown how an agency performed in Creativity, Quality, Value, and Communication. This feedback is invaluable; use it to determine if you want to start a conversation with a potential new partner, then be prepared to ask the right questions.

A four star agency review on Agency Spotter

It’s About a Deeper Dive

Reviews give you insight you won’t find on any agency’s website or in a directory. Geoff Tanner, a client of Smith Brothers Agency, describes in detail how the agency helped his company do a 180. He raves, “Call these guys if you are looking for a big idea. Btw, they are also great guys and a ton of fun to work with.” Read more.

A Client Review of Ames Scullin O'Haire


Because You’re Not Buying Shoes

Finding the right creative partner is daunting. Budgets, and your reputation, are on the line. Peer reviews are a confident guide to your search for 5-star work. Share your experiences with the creative partners with which you’ve worked too. Simply click the blue “Review this agency” button on their portfolio. Your review informs the decision-making process of other marketers – so be honest!

Start sharing your expertise now!

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