3 Videos That Will Make You a Better CMO

The secret to being a better CMO is that there is no secret.

Better CMOs Don't Get Fired

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Regardless of whether you’ve hit the C-suite or are climbing the rungs, these videos from McKinsey on Marketing & Sales can help you be a better marketer in less than six minutes.

The role of the CMO continues to change at a rapid pace. Reaching customers has always been a challenge, but keeping their attention is increasingly harder. Staying ahead of the curve (and competitors) requires experimentation and an open mind, two qualities sometimes at odds with corporate culture.

In these┬áthree videos, OgilvyOne London Managing Director Jo Coombs shares insights that redefine today’s CMO.

Big Data = Better CMO

It’s important to remember that today’s marketers are sitting on piles of customer data that can, and should, influence company strategy. We know that marketing today is much more than pretty pictures and media placement…but does your CEO know that?

A Force for Change

The better CMOs are those who really know their customers and competitors. And they use that knowledge to impact change. Remember that marketing isn’t a silo. You need help from other areas in your organization, especially operations. Get to know the challenges Susan from Supply Chain and Patrick from Procurement are facing. How can you help each other succeed?

Be a Translator

As a marketer, can you speak the language of your board? Being a great CMO requires convincing others in your organization of marketing’s value. But to do that, you have to be a translator. Take that step back and understand how marketing fits into the entire customer interaction with your company.

Make an Impact Today

Start becoming a better marketer today. Tell Patrick in Procurement you’re using Agency Spotter to save time searching for your next agency. Study the customer data over a cup of coffee. Hit the road to sniff out new industry treads. Becoming a better CMO means having an informed vision of your company’s future and the power to make it happen.

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