10 Must Read B2C Tweets You Missed Last Week: Summertime Edition

Ah summer. When some of the best B2C tweets come out to play.

Unlike Christmas or Thanksgiving, marketers have 3-4 months to play with summer themes on social media. And they’ve got a diversity of imagery to play with: grilling in the backyard, napping poolside, long days at the beach, first trips to summer camp. Real-time-Super-Bowl-Oreo tweets these are not. These pieces of content often support bigger brand campaigns that inhabit offline realms as well. Pinned to a brand’s Twitter profile, they catch you right when you’re dreaming about sand between your toes and fresh corn-on-the-cob.

For your summertime pleasure, here are last week’s best examples of B2C brands leveraging surf and sun on Twitter. Take a look and ask yourself, “Could my brand do better?” (If your answer is “Yes,” here are some social media agencies that can help.)

Feed Your Summer

Americans love their grills. Johnsonville wants more brats on yours.

And it wouldn’t be a summer barbecue without ketchup…

…or ice cream. The Good Humor truck delivered cold, creamy treats to office workers in NYC this summer. A tasty way to create earned media.

Smartwater keeps it light and sunny.

Adventures (and Patio Projects) Await

An artistic inspiration to help remind you to take your AmEx to the Maine Lobster Festival.

While Samsung lobbies for devoting some of your beach tote real estate to one of their Galaxy Tabs.

Has your Subaru ever looked like this? If you’re following REI, it probably has.

Home Depot invites you to take on a patio styling adventure.

What’s the best way to celebrate National Watermelon Day? Macy’s Culinary Council recommends new glassware.

Your Summer Tweet of Zen

Proving that promoting a movie almost entirely on social media can work.

Summer Isn’t Endless

These summer-themed B2C tweets have one thing in common: they paint a spot-on picture of the season. And you know the marketers (and their agencies) behind these brands are already planning the perfect tweets for Halloween, Christmas, and Hanukkah. You’ve only got 142 days to until Santa Claus places your B2C product under the Christmas tree. So get that spot-on seasonal tweet with the help of these social media agencies.

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Claire Wallace