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Location: Boston’s South End
Core Service: Marketing Strategy
Additional Services: Research/Insights

What’s the story behind Tandem’s name?

tandem marketing

As marketers, we love our symbolism. A tandem bike is our go-to analogy for how we work with clients: very collaboratively, facing your challenges together. Imagine us on the back of your bike, pedaling in sync and toward the same goal.

Plus, our team’s style has a touch of urban hipster. And we all know that fixed-gear bikes go with hipsters like Infographics go with Pinterest!

If Tandem ruled Boston for one day, what one thing would it change and why?

tandem marketingIn a no-limits world, we would build massive human catapults along the Charles, to connect the neighborhoods on both sides of the river. It’s so easy to miss out on all the fun things that are happening on the other.

In the real world, we’d overhaul the City of Boston logo, to better reflect the Boston brand. The vibrant, old-and-new blended experience that residents and visitors enjoy stands in contrast to the somewhat stodgy, colonial-era seal. We would produce a logo system that captures the town’s tough spirit, beautiful spaces, and intellectual slant. (Hey Mayor Walsh, give us a call!)

What’s unique about Tandem’s approach to working with clients?

Instead of claiming to be “full-service,” we custom-fit our recommendations—the right resources, platforms, tools, and tactics—to each client’s unique situation. Then we either let you roll with the plan, or we make it all happen with our project management prowess. Usually engagements fall somewhere along that spectrum.

We’ve been on the client side, and we understand the value in learning as much as you can from an agency. We embrace that. Tandem, in turn, absorbs the lessons about your industry, stage of business, and competitive dynamics, which makes us even smarter for the next project. It’s a good deal all around.

Modern marketing expertise and best practices, plus a sense of urgency to deliver results, are what make our clients happy.

Tell us a success story.tandem marketing

As planners by nature, our favorite projects are those we join at a strategic stage and help shape both the customer experience and operational plan.

One local startup hired us to build investor interest by validating market demand. We decided to engineer a waitlist campaign. Tandem researched the target audience; created a brand from scratch; and produced a microsite, explainer video, social media presence, printed mailers, PPC ads, automated emails, and a data collection mechanism.

The positioning was crystal clear. The combo of tactics worked beautifully. Going from 0 to 1,500 customers in the span of 4 weeks was a huge win.

However, sometimes a project take a very different shape than anticipated. We consider these cases a success in strategic guidance.

Last year, a local business was trying to hire Tandem to produce a massive lead gen campaign, but it became apparent that the company needed to improve its customer service and retention metrics or the whole effort would be a flop.

We turned the focus internally, requested feedback from lost customers, and gained invaluable information that steered the client away from dumping resources into a lost cause. No portfolio-building work to show off as a result of this engagement, but the business is now sustainable and poised for rebranding.

How has being Boston-based shaped Tandem?

Boston is our muse! We are in love. It’s a scientific fact* that no one in history has ever visited Boston and said, “Meh. It was ok.”

* Probably

Greater Boston is home to the best mix of marketing technology visionaries (Hubspot, Constant Contact), entrepreneurship (Babson, MIT, Innovation District, Cambridge Innovation Center), proven business practices (Harvard Business Review, Forrester), and other category-busting firms (Communispace, BzzAgent). Learning from the extremely talented collaborators, partners, and mentors that we work with is only possible because we’re in Boston.

In Boston, we’ve found that product teams at large enterprises, owners of small business, and entrepreneurs alike appreciate a strong customer perspective and ability to execute. So that’s what we do for them.

Does the Tandem team have a favorite watering hole?

tandem marketingVariety is the spice of life! We like to explore the endless foodie spots that are cropping up in Boston all the time. In the summer, we can be found on our office patio, Stephi’s on Tremont, Five Horses Tavern, or the Bleacher Bar under Fenway Park.

Come winter, we look for cozy corner seats at the Beehive, Gallows or the Long Bar at Oak Room.

Thanks for chatting with us Tandem!

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