#BostonSpotted: Celebrating Boston’s Marketing Excellence


Let’s hear it for Boston and it’s marketers.

Agency Spotter is spotlighting Boston’s marketing scene with the help of our friends at The Ad Club.

After investigating the marketing scenes in Minneapolis and San Francisco, the Agency Spotter team looked eastward. Boston was the logical choice for our next spotlight. After all, it’s not your average town.

Boston is a smart place, where you overhear casual conversations about nuclear physics on the MBTA’s #1 bus up Mass Ave. It’s an innovative place, where start-ups and established brands like Hubspot and Dunkin’ Donuts lead their respective industries. It’s a creative place, where fantastic agencies and brands hold their own against those in larger metropolitan areas.

For these reasons, we’re thrilled to celebrate Boston’s unique marketing ecosystem. So give yourself a pat on the back if you’re already part of it. For the newbies, this is action you won’t want to miss!

The CelebrationBoston

Covering all the Hub’s creative hustle is no easy feat. Regardless we took on the challenge with zeal.

We’ve got for you exclusive interviews with local thought leaders and a peek into what makes The Ad Club one of Boston’s most valuable institutions. After all, our very own co-founder Joseph Raccuglia made an appearance on The Ad Club’s Big Orange Couch. Get to know the best-in-class creative agencies located right in your backyard with our in-depth features. And last but certainly not least, there’s a chance you could win lunch with Zipcar’s CMO, Brian Harrington!

Get In On the Action

Here’s how you can be part of this celebration:

  • Start by directing your attention to our Boston site. There you’ll be immersed in what makes this city’s marketing expertise so special.
  • Worked with a great local agency? Help them stand out with a stellar review on Agency Spotter.
  • Want to have lunch with Zipcar’s CMO? Throw your name into the hat.
  • Read our features of local agencies – who knows, one of them may be right for your brand’s next big project!

Be sure to share with your network the Boston articles and interviews that speak to you (and incite the jealousy of your NYC friends!).

Help Us Celebrate

We want to get your perspective on what makes being a marketer in Boston an awesome vocation. Share your thoughts with us on TwitterFacebook and Instagram using the hashtag #BostonSpotted. You might just see yourself on this very blog!

Here’s to you and your fellow fantastic marketers in the Hub!

Claire Wallace