finding the best web design agency
You will find many who are looking, many who are lost, but do you know how to find the best web design agency? Finding the best of anything is a tall task since it is subjective. We are going to arm you with tools to set the context and find […]

Finding the best web design agency

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The “P” in RFP doesn’t have to stand for “pain”. Below are 4 tips that will make your RFP process an asset instead of a chore.  1. Start from Scratch If you’re not getting the results you want or need from your RFP process, my first tip is go back […]

4 Tips for Better RFP Responses

RFP alternatives
RFP got you down? We have a cure for what ails you. Here at Agency Spotter, we’ve devoted a good bit of time to discussing the RFP’s role in the creative agency search. Since it is often (but not always) how brands select their agencies of record (AOR), how could […]

4 Awesome RFP Alternatives for Your Creative Agency Search

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Dreading selecting your next creative agency with a RFP? Don’t! Check out this breakdown of the RFP process to do away with your agency search doom and gloom. 1. Rally Your Troops You and your marketing colleagues should be united behind a vision for your brand. Use the RFP to get […]

A 6 Step Breakdown of the RFP Process