Top 10 Agency Projects You Need to See This Month

Introducing ten projects you didn’t know were created by agencies!

Many of the commercials, products and logos we see everyday were created by some of the best agencies and design firms on Agency Spotter. Agency projects can be a great way to learn about an agency and see what kind of ninja skills they possess. To learn more about the following projects and others, jump into our agency portfolios and search for your favorite projects.

So without further ado, here are the top 10 agency projects you need to check out.

1. THRIVE – Philips Imagination Light Canvascanvas

The Imagination Light Canvas is a 14′ long 6′ high interactive wall with over 1,000 LED lights that lets you “paint with light.” This wall was created to help alleviate the stress and anxiety children feel in doctor’s offices across the country. Now with an outlet to play and express themselves, the hope is that children will feel more comfortable when waiting for their next doctor’s appointment.


2. Tank Design – Vistaprint


Vistaprint, the billion dollar company that produces customized printing and marketing materials, teamed up with Tank Design to reposition their brand and visual identity to match the companies shift towards a more simple and direct customer experience.


3. Copious – Birchbox


Birchbox, one of the most successful subscription services in the market today, raised over $60 million in funding last year. But with all great success stories, Birchbox had humbler times and back in 2010, Birchbox approached Copious with the goal of creating a better web experience.

So, Copious delivered a content-rich ecommerce site with the personalized subscription service Birchbox is known for and transformed the brand into the one-of-a-kind online beauty hub we all know today. Oh yeah, and Copious did that in just 90 days.


4. twofifteenmccann – Pandora

Back in December 2013, twofifteenmccann helped launch Pandora’s first ever advertising campaign by showing that “Pandora creates moments where music and life combine to create magic.”


5. ANTHEM – Girl Scouts USA

girl scouts

For the past 15 years, Girl Scouts of the USA had the same packaging design on the boxes of their iconic cookies. So in honor of their hundredth anniversary, they decided it was time to update their look. So in partnership with ANTHEM, the redesigned cookie boxes featured the modern Girl Scout and the activities they do today.


6. Digital Surgeons – Barney’s New York: Gaga’s Workshop


Barney’s New York, Digital Surgeons and Lady Gaga teamed up to create an award-winning digital marketing campaign that drove holiday sales, increased retail store traffic, increased social media engagement and promoted the Born This Way Foundation. To achieve the following objectives, Digital Surgeons’ created a host of interactive events and experiences that generated buzz around New York City.

This incredibly successful campaign that featured unique events like Gaga’s Workshop, The 12 Days of Gaga, The Gaga Machine, and partnerships with Foursquare resulted in a 70% increase in holiday sales from the past year and over 4 billion earned media impressions worldwide.




Micron, a highly respected global leader in the semiconductor and engineering world, suffered from an out of date website with slow load times and massive amounts of information that were difficult for users to navigate.

EXTRACTABLE, being the savvy digital agency they are, came to the rescue to develop an interactive and innovated website, across all devices, that allowed users to search smarter with the “predictive search” tool and improved user engagement.


8. Matchstic – Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta


Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta reached out to Matchstic to modernize their brand while preserving the brand identity the organization had built over the years. The solution Matchstic presented was to update the “Hope and Will” logo that has been a staple throughout the South. By modernizing the previous versions of the characters, Hope and Will had bigger smiles, updated outfits and a overall modern look.


9. Fueled – QuizUp App


QuizUp, the highly successful trivia game on mobile, was growing tremendously in popularity due to its addictive gameplay and innovative UI. To maintain their momentum of user growth, QuizUp decided it was time to expand their product from iPhone-only to Android.

Fueled, my favorite agency in the world because I love QuizUp, worked together with the app’s development team to create the Android version. With the launch of the Android app, QuizUp saw tremendous results with their user base growing over 700% from 3 million users to 20 million.


10. Women’s Marketing Inc. – Moroccanoil


Moroccanoil, the brand that revolutionized the haircare industry, approached WMI to grow their brand and reach new target consumers. Women’s Marketing created a media campaign that placed the Moroccanoil brand in all the necessary avenues for promotion that included event sponsorships, Fashion Week integration and placement in the leading fashion and beauty magazines from around the world.

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