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Tips to Grow Your Business with Social Media

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This week, Nichole and Daniel from the Agency Spotter team visited General Assembly Atlanta for a workshop hosted by local social media agency Lyfe Marketing.

social media workshop general assembly

Check out our top 5 tips from the seminar on how to make your business’ social media presence stronger and more effective.

1. It’s necessary to attract and engage your followers before you attempt to sell to them.

Your followers on social media need nurturing and attention before you hit them with your latest and greatest product or idea.

Provide your followers with interesting content that is unrelated to your business, but that directly serves their needs or relates to their personal interests.

Take particular attention to focus on factors like the demographics, hobbies, and favorite methods of communication for your constituents to provide them with the most relevant, tailored content.

2. Implement a follow strategy to get more followers on social media.

Following or liking new people or businesses, especially on Twitter, is a great way to get more awareness for your business.

Be careful not to go on a follow spree- use Twitter’s targeting tools with categories like location and interests to hone in on following those people and companies that would have an genuine interest in your product.

Once you follow new accounts, reach out to some of your best new prospects by tagging them in a tweet and welcoming them to your timeline.

While you don’t want to follow more accounts than have accounts following you, as a general rule of thumb, try to follow a few new accounts each day to maximize your potential for increased visibility.

3. Make time for social media, each and every day.

Lyfe Marketing provided this guide suggesting how much time companies should spend each day on their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter platforms.

social media management

While every business has different social media needs and objectives, setting a specific amount of time to devote to social media each day is an incredibly helpful tool.

Don’t let social media get pushed to the side; make sure to spend between 1-3 hours a day engaging your current and potential customers to always stay top of mind.

4. Create targeted landing pages to capture leads.

There are a lot of social media tools that allow marketers to capture the buying power of their followers. With new introductions of direct response features through Instagram and Pinterest, it’s becoming even easier to steer your prospects right toward the sales funnel.

Utilizing these channels, including Facebook’s call to action button or a pop-up sign up form on your website, will allow you to get more direct responses from your most interested potential customers.

You can also send your landing page URL to potential customers in the form of targeted tweets, allowing them to click within the tweet and be directed to a landing page asking for more information or prompting them to buy.

5. Don’t underestimate the power of sales skills and leads generated through social media.

When you generate solid leads through contact forms and landing pages, use them to your advantage! Don’t just pepper your leads with generic email marketing campaigns- engage with them as part of the strategic sales funnel.

If you are a B2C business, provide new followers with incentives to sign up. Many e-commerce companies, from Spotify to Netflix, offer promotions such as “first month free” to get new users acquainted with their product, and then hook them to establish them as customers for life.

If your company is in the B2B realm, take a more direct approach. After some initial information distributed via targeted email marketing, pick up the phone and give your new lead a call.

Take a more consultative approach; don’t just ask for the sale, but provide yourself as a resource to walk your lead through the buying process, with an emphasis on the features and benefits your product or service provides. Always ask how you can help and what you can do for your customer, not what they can do for you.

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Thanks to General Assembly and Lyfe Marketing for a great workshop on boosting business through social media.

Looking for a social media marketing agency? Check out these champions of social media, and look out for more updates from Agency Spotter each week on Spotted.

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