5 Questions to Ask Your Next PPC Agency

We’re continuing our 5 Qs Series with questions to ask your next Pay Per Click or PPC agency.

Finding the right PPC agency can be a difficult task if you don’t know what to expect. We’ve brought in a PPC expert, Joe Balestrino, to help you navigate PPC and ask the right questions.

5 Questions To Ask Your PPC Agency

The most common reason people look to switch agencies is unsatisfactory results, with lack of growth as a close second.

Being in search marketing for over 12 years, Joe not only runs his own agency, but he has worked with dozens of agencies over the years. He knows firsthand why and where agencies fail.

Here are the 5 questions to ask your next PPC partner to ensure success:

1. What’s your process?

How do they evaluate campaigns? If you don’t have an existing campaign, ask what the agency’s process is for taking on a new client.

You want the agency to get to know your individual business needs, struggles and goals. Every business is unique, even if they are in the same vertical.

2. How much of your management is automated?

Automation can come in two forms. The first method is using software that makes changes based on data in your campaign. The second is by setting up rules in AdWords. While I’m not a fan of automation in general, sometimes it’s a necessary evil on large accounts.

Some experts believe that you should still be logging into your account manually, and that not doing so could have a negative impact on your account.

There needs to be a human component to management. There is no substitute for human experience.

3. Are you certified?

Certification can be misleading. If an agency is certified, it doesn’t mean they do paid search well. It just means they understand the search platform’s features and functionality .

Don’t take certifications as a sign that an agency can get you great results. I’ve taken plenty of campaigns over from certified companies because of a lack of skill, and I’ve seen everything from incorrect settings to poor campaign grouping and keyword building.

While being certified is not a guarantee, it’s still something your agency should have to ensure competency.

4. How do you report results?

Ask for a sample report and ask the prospective agency to explain what metrics they report on and why.

You want to see how they report and how easy or complex their reporting is. You also want to know if they will provide detailed insight into the data. Data without insights is useless, so make sure your next agency partner can deliver.

5. How will you grow my account?

PPC is more than just management. Your account has to evolve and grow.

If the prospective agency won’t tell you how they plan to grow your account, or don’t have a plan in place to grow your campaign month over month, look elsewhere.

About The Author: Joe Balestrino is the CEO of 4 Point Digital in New York City. Joe has been helping businesses grow for over two decades.

Looking for your next great PPC agency? Navigate the waters with our tips from Joe and find your next great partner today.

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