NYC Advertising Week 2015: Recap in Tweets

Advertising Week 2015 is coming to a close. What are your biggest takeaways?

This five day event, in the heart of New York City, is the premier gathering of marketing and communication leaders from brands, agencies, media and more. With hundreds of seminars and workshops going on this week, it was probably hard for you to keep track of everything.

We compiled a couple of tweets to highlight the three hottest topics from the week: Mobile, Millennials, Data.


Now, mobile-first won’t cut it. It’s time for mobile-focus.
Jim Stengel, former CMO at P&G, posted a tweet that said, “85% of US consumers’ smartphone time [is] spent in apps.” A staggering number that shows just how crucial mobile and mobile-first content is. But with that said, many people [marketers] are late to the party. Sheryl Sandberg, the COO at Facebook said, “Marketers spend 9x more on print than mobile.” Ouch…

It’s a very tight race…but I would rather give up chocolate too. Chocolate can’t manage my list of friends, show me the best route to work, and be there for me every morning I wake up.



The term “millennials” was one of the hottest words used throughout many #AWXII seminars. It was the toughest puzzle every brand, marketer and parent was trying to solve without much luck until this week. Many misconceptions on who and what millennials are were slowly starting to be uncovered and speakers like B. Bonin Bough, Chief Media and eCommerce Officer at Mondelēz International, was uncovering those truths.

As a millennial myself, I couldn’t agree more with Alan Schanzer, SVP at Pandora.  

Wait…we’re not?! I thought we were all the same people.



Data has been one of the hottest topics in virtually every vertical you can think of. I think we understand that data is important, but we don’t really get how crucial it is to everything. Lisa Utzschneider, Chief Revenue Officer at Yahoo, went as far as to say that, “Data is the new currency.” Without data, things just aren’t that good anymore.  

Show me the DATA!

Failure to launch. Brands…please don’t be like this…please.  


Want did you learn?

Now that you have some knowledge of what went on at #AWXII, take this information back to your boss and show them you didn’t just party for five days straight and actually went to these workshops.

You’re welcome. Please share, help a friend out.
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