8 Ways Agency Websites Fail

So your agency’s portfolio on Agency Spotter grabbed the attention of a browsing company — now what? Chances are your website is the next place they will visit to dig deeper. But is your site in good shape? If your creative agency is on a company’s short list for new business, don’t let your website short you.

After seeing hundreds of agency websites, we identified 8 ways that an agency’s website becomes spotty, not spotted:

1. No phone number? You’re playing hard-to-get

Have all key contact info readily available in the footer of your site, and don’t corner visitors into a single method of contact (e.g., email only because no phone number provided).

2. You’re getting way too personal with site visitors

Don’t link anybody’s personal social media accounts — no, not even LinkedIn — to serve as your agency’s social profile. Create separate accounts for the agency itself.

3. Your code’s exposed

evident coding
If your website doesn’t look professional and complete, you can bet that visitors will assume the same things about your agency.

4. Your homepage content is stale


Make your homepage’s featured content as intriguing and up-to-date as the style, service or product you pitch to clients.

5. Your site content is full of fluff with no clear focus

Sharpen your content to make more sense; get to the point of who you really are, what your primary strength is and why you truly are unique.

6. Your best content is buried

Instead of shrouding a recent award, favorite project, or new business announcement deep within your site, move it to the homepage or other highly frequented pages.

7. You need a blog, and your blog needs you

Image from toothpastefordinner.com

Image from toothpastefordinner.com

Integrate your agency’s blog within your main website, and if you don’t have a blog, get one. A blog is an easy-to-use tool to attract leads as well as show off your insight and expertise. Keep it relevant and post often.

8. Your Flash belongs in a flashback


Image from theGoogleCache.com

If your website relies on Flash, you’re making it difficult to be found on Google. Your site won’t translate on mobile platforms, and it certainly won’t translate to marketers.

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