3 Signs Your Creative Agency Relationship Needs Attention

In some ways, we are matchmakers, helping marketers and creative agencies find their perfect match to create great work.

The agency-business relationship is complicated and often mirrors characteristics from our personal lives, so humor us with the following metaphors.

Here’s how to spot when it might be time for some “tough love” or to get ready to move on to a new creative agency:

The Sizzle Is Gone

Remember the beginning when you both came dressed to impress, prepared with facts and figures, and showed a real interest in each other? And when you used to get that special feeling inside thinking about the great work you could do together? Sometimes, unfortunately, this is only a phase, and we quickly start to forget the excitement as we slip into a business-as-usual mode. Maybe you find yourself opting for a dial-in instead of a face-to-face, or perhaps the work has become somewhat “expected” and doesn’t really get you excited anymore.

You’ve Changed, But They Haven’t

You’ve worked hard to keep up with your customers’ evolving attitudes, needs, and behaviors, and your business has catapulted into the next generation of marketing. Has your agency? Are they lagging behind, still urging you to stay focused on strategies that you know don’t matter anymore? It’s nobody’s fault, change is inevitable, so embrace it but don’t ignore it.

Your Colleagues Refuse To Hang

You’re still into them, but do your colleagues sigh when you mention their name or find excuses not to go to their happy hour? Do your other agency partners complain about how having to work together? Sometimes an outside perspective helps us see things in a new light.

If you can relate to any of these examples, don’t start packing-up quite yet; jumping-ship is not the only option. There are plenty of ways to repair and spice-up a stale relationship, and our network of industry experts will soon begin to cover these. However, some people do like to jump right into a new relationships (serial monogamists).Whatever you need, we’re here when you are ready.

But, there’s really no harm in looking, right? Why not come take a peek and start building a roster of agencies you currently work with and a shortlist of hot agencies you’d like to get to know?

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