Minneapolis Agency Spotter: Modern Climate

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Modern Climate

Core Service: Advertising
Additional Services: Digital Strategy, Mobile

“We deliver the ideas AND the code through excellence in execution.”

What’s new with advertising agency Modern Climate? Everything. There are no recycled ideas coming out of this highly energized and innovative shop. They live and breathe creativity with a purpose and experiences with the power to connect with an audience.


Advertising Agency Modern Climate

Fun. Fresh. Hip. Smart. These are the things we jotted down after spending time with Chief Creative Officer, Keith Wolf and EVP Lorenz Esguerra. The team at Modern Climate is truly a passionate and collaborative group that is in it to win it (for their clients, that is). And rightfully so, they are very proud of what they do. Don’t be fooled, however, egos are checked, daily, at the door here. Talking to their C-level leaders was just as easy and enjoyable as chatting with their super friendly receptionist.


Modern Climate believes that experiences are the future of advertising. They nurture this with a culture that unites three core elements: strategy + creativity + technology. They focus on delivering high-caliber experiences that entertain, educate, evoke emotion, and even add utility to consumers’ lives. Here’s a glimpse into their world:

Founded in ’09, they’ve already racked-up a number of coveted awards: AdWeek’s Project Isaac Award for the Post-it app, AdAge’s Small Agency of the Year Award, and an Appy at SXSW for UnitedHealthcare’s first-ever mobile app.

Recently, they delivered a brand new web and mobile experience for Jamba Juice which has already exceeded engagement and utility metrics. This work has produced a refreshed and revived brand platform that has enabled the client to easily maintain beautiful and current content.

Advertising Agency Modern Climate Jamba Juice

Want more? The list goes on: for Best Buy, they created a “Repair Tracker” that takes the mystery out of your small electronics repair experience. Or how about the award winnng Post-It PopNotes App:


Advertising Agency Modern Climate

Modern Climate’s space is exactly what you’d expect: modern, open, huge, sleek. You can feel the innovative vibe the minute you walk in…actually, as each person walks in when their “theme song” plays (a small project from their internal Labs). In fact, it felt a lot like a lab, but instead of test tubes full of bubbling polyurethane bicarbonate, their lab is full of skilled creative and raw code. Even though our pics might make it look empty, believe us, it’s buzzing with energy.

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