6 Winning Digital Agencies from the Design for Experience Awards

Announcing the winning digital agencies and design firms from the 2014 DfE Awards!

The Design for Experience awards are a celebration of the best experience design, research, strategy and technology from the brightest minds and organization from the past year. In partnership with UX Magazine, the DfE awards are in its second year of operation after a successful inaugural program from 2013.

With a roster of talented finalist and amazing judges, lets take a look at the stand-out agencies from 2014. To learn more about these top design firms and other creative agencies, log-in and start your agency search with Agency Spotter.

The Winners

Bringing Big Data to Life: Cheil Germany for Deutsche Bahn’s Qixxit app – a state of the art app that eliminates any confusion by simply showing you the best way to reach your destination and also know your individual preferences.

Championing User Interest: Veryday for Maquet’s SERVO-u & SERVO-n – a user-friendly ventilator that has made mechanical ventilation more accessible, understandable and easy-to-use.

Complete Customer Experience: Second Story, part of SapientNitro for Verizon Wireless’ Stop-Motion Studio – a movie-making workshop in Minneapolis’ Verizon Destination Store, Stop-Motion Studio’s empowered ordinary people to create short videos using their cell phone, the Vine app, and help from Verizon Wireless and its products.

Effective Agency Team: Slice of Lime – a connected toy prototype that teaches music theory, color theory and STEM principles. Built internally by Slice of Lime, Nübi showcased how this UX design firm is producing great client and non-client work.

Experience for Children: Made by Many for Hackaball – a interactive iPhone connected ball that lets children choose or create a game on the mobile app then play the game with the ball.

Experience that Makes a Difference: Beyond for NSPCC’s Net Award campaign – a guide for parents and children to keep them up-to-date about popular apps and social networks from the National Society for Prevention of Cruelty To Children.

For the 2014 Design for Experience Awards, expert judges included Richard Anderson (Experience Design Strategist), Mark Baskinger (Associate Professor at Carnegie Mellon School of Design), Abby Covert (President at The Information Architecture Institute), Joseph Dickerson (Senior UX Lead at Microsoft), Sarah Doody (UX Designer, Consultant, & Writer), Vidya Drego (VP of Marketing at AppMesh), Debra Gelman (Senior Director, Experience Design at EPAM), Steven Hoober (President at 4ourth Mobile), Jan Jursa (Co-Founder at MobX Conference), Peter Morville (President at Semantic Studios), Alex Schleifer (Head of Design at Airbnb), Scott Stroud (UX Consultant), James Torio (Digital Engagement Manager at McKinsey Digital Labs), Tyler Wells (Co-Founder at Blacktop Coffee).

Now What?

Congratulation! You made it to the end of the article. If you’re reading this far down, I am going to assume that you are probably in the market for a design firm or digital agency? Amiright?!

So to reward you for watching six videos and doing minimal reading…here is a list of the top designUX, and digital agencies in the world. You’re welcome.

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