Spotted: A Look at the Agency Spotter Team

On this week’s Spotted, we’re bringing you the inside scoop on the team here at Agency Spotter.

Learn more about what we do, from marketing to web development, to make sure that every agency on our platform is winning as much as possible.

agency spotter brianBrian Regienczuk, CEO and Co-Founder

Brian has worked on both sides of the agency-client relationship and is passionate about solving this vertical, greasing the wheels of a trillion dollar marketplace.

Former Group Director of Global Design at The Coca-Cola Company, he has overseen multi-million dollar budgets and worked with top brands for more than 17 years including Bacardi, Minute Maid, Philips, Sprite, GM, The Home Depot, WebMD and many more. Brian has tackled this space before, refining agency management and global rosters at Coca-Cola.


Joseph Raccuglia, Co-Founderagency spotter joseph

Joseph joined Agency Spotter from American Express where he was a digital marketing leader. Joseph has experienced pain points on both sides of the solution as a small business advocate via AMEX OPEN and managing marketing programs across many different creative agencies. Joseph thrives on building relationships and finding creative solutions.



agency spotter danielDaniel Kim, Marketing Manager

After graduating from Georgia State University with a degree in Journalism, Daniel entered the Atlanta startup scene, gaining experience in social media and public relations. Upon joining the Agency Spotter team, Daniel became referred to as the “marketing guru,” focusing on creating engaging blog content and bringing new marketers to the Agency Spotter platform.

Daniel enjoys playing basketball, as well as checking out the great Atlanta food scene.


Nichole Wolf, Marketing Specialistagency spotter nichole

After finishing her bachelor’s and master’s degree in Marketing from the University of Alabama, Nichole moved to Atlanta to join the Agency Spotter team. Her focus is on creating great content for the blog and social media, as well as using her background in sales to develop partnerships.

Nichole loves to explore Atlanta; she even has her own blog, ATL Adventurer, where she finds and shares the best food, events, and experiences around the city.


agency spotter masonMason Foster, Lead Developer

A computer science graduate of Georgia Tech, Mason joined the Agency Spotter team in January, and has successfully implemented new features to the website ever since. With a diverse skillset, Mason has been able to tackle complex challenges and bring to life an engaging, dynamic web presence for Agency Spotter.

When he isn’t developing software, Mason enjoys music and playing tennis.


agency spotter namrataNamrata Choudhury, Software Developer

After graduating from the West Bengal University of Technology with a degree in Computer Science and Engineering, Namrata moved to the US to pursue her Master’s at the University of Florida.

With a variety of project experience working with technologies like Scala, Akka, and Python, Namrata is interested in developing a skill set in algorithms, pattern recognition, and large scale data analysis.


Interested in joining the Agency Spotter team?

We are currently hiring for 1-2 Inside Sales Positions, with a focus on growing our SaaS business through reaching out to customers and scheduling demos for our platform.

For more information about the position, check out our jobs page, or email [email protected] to get the process started.

Nichole Wolf